Tizzies and Other Stuff

Congress and President Obama have successfully brought this nation to the Edge of Tizzy. It’s a new game show. The contestants are shown clips of their recent activities and given two hundred points if they make it through the whole show without crying, or throwing up. The two hundred points can be redeemed at the local green energy bar.  Those two hundred points can redeemed them for one hour of energy for your home or car. However, you are taxed for receiving those points, and for redeeming them at the bar.

It has been said that we are in a state of tizzy, as conservatives, because we are never quite sure which Republicans will show up for congressional debates and sessions where nominees are vetted. Maybe a game show would be in order. Each republican would come on the show and have the whole picture shown to them. Everything that has taken place since President obama took office would come across the screen, and then their participation in the process would be analyzed. They would get points for taking a stand, voting conservatively, and points would be taken away for straying into areas of liberal policy. it might be embarassing for some, but they also might learn something about what is really going on in Washington D.C.

What would the result be? Would the Republican Party become more cohesive, or would they fall apart at the seams. Maybe some changes would occur, and a new phenomenon would arise. That phenomenon would have to be an unbroken chain of conservative reverberations that would shake Washington to its knees. If the unbroken chain of liberal reverberations that are shaking Washington now aren’t stopped and reversed, there won’t be an America to save. We have very few options left. If the Republican Party doesn’t take an active role in the political game, their will be no stopping the edge of tizzy. Every American will be trapped into playing the game, and because of that we will see the end of the game, and the end of our freedom at the same time. Republicans, get off the dime and do your job, help America survive by congealing into a solid base, and defeat the Democrats in 2010.