A Fresh State Of Mind

In Spring we see a spectacular sight known as the budding season. We see the trees blossom into lovely shades of white, pink and green. The Lilacs bloom with violet and white flowers, and the Magnolias boom in a beautiful crepe white. I have said all of this to make a point. This point is that we are those flowers, the petals which adorn the trees in Spring will be the stuff we rake up this Summer. What will we do after the petals fall of our trees, which means, what will we do when our nation is in a heap and someone else is raking us up to get us out of their way? This is the delemma the United States is in right now. We have been blossoming for over 200 years, but now the bloom is off the Magnolia tree and we are fading into the sunset. I know that most people don’t want to believe that we have seen the pinnacle of our power, but it is true. The Euopean Union, through the World Bank, now controls our financial institutions, soon we will not have the Dollar as our currency, because the rest of the world will own our Nation, and we will be a part of a North American Alliance with Canada and Mexico. Each of these is either already in the works or being discussed by diplomats who have the go ahead to form a treaty. The World Bank began running our economy thanks to diplomatic efforts at the G-20 meetings in England. The treaty to become a superstate has been in negotiations since George W. Bush took office. As China and Saudi Arabia continue to lend money to us, and Individuals, and corporations continue to buy property in all the major cities, we are becoming a nation owned by and serving others outside our borders. Soon we will not have a nation to call our own, because we won’t own it. That will mean that our much loved Dollar won’t be worth spit when inflation eats it up next year.

Right now we have more money flowing out of America than we have coming in. We complain about being oil dependent but we won’t drill for it. We will spend $800,000 to create one green job, but won’t build one nuclear plant to give us electricity and save all that money. It’s not rocket science, or high finance to know that it shouldn’t cost $800,000 to create one job, and then lose 2.2 jobs from other areas of our business culture like manufacturing, or material handling. Are we as a nation being systematically torn asunder, on purpose, or are our politicians and President so incompetant that they are destroying us by accident? I have a hard time believing that they are that incompetant, however, I’ve been wrong in the past. I do believe they are stupid, according to Proverbs 12:1. You can read it yourself, but be careful about the shoe fitting.

It seems that we have run our course just as other Nations have done in the past. Rome had her time as did Greece, Persia, and Babylon. Each succeeding would-be empire since then has had their day. Now we have had ours. As much as we would like to keep going as a world leader and power broker for the world, we just don’t have the resources to do it anymore. We can still make our voices heard, but the Eastern powers and European Union have the ball in their court now and the decisions for our future will be tied up with theirs. We have sold our birthright just like Esau did in Genesis 25:12-34. Read this, too. We have prostituted ourselves to the oil nations of the Earth rather than keep ourselves at home, and keeping ourselves clean and pure. We could have been energy independent when JFK was in office, if we would have followed the recommendations of the scientists and oil engineers at that time. Since we didn’t do it then doesn’t mean we still can’t do it. All we have to do is tell the environmentalists to get out of the way and just do it. We also need to elect judges who obey the law, judge according to that law, and don’t make laws, but that’s a different story. We could be a great nation, but we cannot be one when we sell ourselves to the highest bidder, and then expect to dictate terms. It just doesn’t work that way. The owner of the property sets the terms of the agreement concerning that property, and that contract is binding when it is signed. We have signed away our rights as a sovereign nation, we have sold ourselves into slavery to China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, and every other OPEC nation. What more do we have to offer? We don’t have much left. Wake up America!!!!!!  We’re running out of time. The flowers are falling fast.