Fact Checking Jim Moran’s Reston Remarks (Part II)

Lowell at Blue Virginia, and sadly now Joshua at Red Nova both think Jim Moran gave an excellent response to Col. Patrick Murray’s question at the recent Reston debate. The one thing I will agree with both of them is that the question should have been framed better and should not have been a ‘meandering, long-winded question’ as Lowell noted.

It doesn’t change the fact that Moran lied through his teeth when giving the answer.

In his response to the question posed by Col. Murray, the menacing 8th District Congressman Moran responds that:

We left President Bush with a surplus of $5.6 trillion. Bush cut taxes, increased spending on two wars, and there was a $9 trillion fiscal reversal.

This is completely and utterly false. There NEVER was a $5.6 trillion surplus at the end of the Clinton Administration. I posted about this myth at this link.

Now, at the beginning of his remarks, Jim Moran said this:

During the Clinton Administration, I chaired the ‘New Democrat Coalition.’  We put together a Balanced Budget Amendment. We passed it.

Hmmm. Maybe Jim Moran is showing his age?

The New Democrat Coalition was formed in 1997 by Congressmen Cal Dooley (D-CA), Jim Moran (D-VA), and Tim Roemer (D-IN). The last Balanced Budget Amendment to pass the House was in March of 1995. This bill came within one vote of passing in the Senate during the same year. Other bills have been drawn up since but none have ever passed either House.

So there is no possible way Jim Moran’s New Democrat Coalition could have put together a Balanced Budget Amendment that was passed in the House. In other words, Jim Moran lied again tried to rewrite history at the Reston debate. We voters in the 8th district certainly deserve better.

We’ll get to Congresssman Moran’s erroneous claims about ‘pay-go’ in another post later but right now, a few words on what a ‘Balanced Budget Amendment’ really means.

Let’s be honest. I am ALL for paying down the debt because I do not want my two-year old being saddled with debt I let the 535 in Congress get away with. A Balance Budget Amendment is just not the way to go. In fact, if Congress could pass a law to balance the budget, why not pass a law to just erase the Federal debt altogether or one to give every American $25,ooo?

A Balance Budget Amendment does no good without first controlling Government spending and could even bring about tax increases. As we have seen with the news out of England recently about the proposal for the Government to confiscate paychecks, do we really want that? I surely hope not. Lawmakers have historically responded to budget deficits with tax increases rather than spending controls. With a Balance Budget Amendment, we could certainly see tax increases back toward pre-JFK levels.

So don’t be fooled by a lawmaker who proposes such a thing. Do yourself a favor and do your own research on this. And support Patrick Murray for Congress because hasn’t Jim Moran committed ENOUGH fiscal child abuse on your kids? Even $5 will help kick Jim Moran out. Do your kids a favor by supporting Patrick Murray.