Fact Checking Jim Moran in Reston (Video)

I wrote about this exchange just the other night. Now, the Patrick Murray campaign has released a video of the alleged wife-beating Congressman Jim Moran at last week’s debate in Reston which was taped for TV.

As I mentioned before, Congressman Moran after being questioned by Candidate Murray during the debate, repeats (lies about) one of the biggest myths coming out of the Clinton presidency: that the federal debt had been erased, and that we had more than a $5 trillion surplus.

This is completely and utterly false. In other words, Congressman Moran lied. There NEVER was a $5.6 trillion surplus at the end of the Clinton Administration.

The projected surplus Congressman Moran referred to was a 10-year figure that was already made dubious by a weakening economy at the end of the Clinton Presidency and a pent-up Congressional urge to spend. The largest annual surplus actually realized was $236 billion in fiscal year 2000, which ended a month before Bush was elected.

As for the truth, there was at the end of FY 2001, however, about $3.3 trillion in debt held in federal treasuries, and about $5.7 trillion worth of total debt, including that existing in trust funds and other government accounts. Read the data for yourself at this link.

Therefore the claim by Congressman Moran that under Bill Clinton, we had erased the federal debt and had gone on to a surplus were based on long-range projections that were totally inaccurate, and had never been realized.

Why do Democrats like Jim Moran continue to lie about this?

Now, as for his claim about the Balanced Budget amendment and pay-go, these are erroneous claims as well which I’ll get to in a later post.

Do your kids a favor by helping to kick out our current corrupt Congressman Moran by supporting Patrick Murray for Congress. Your kids will thank you. Hasn’t Jim Moran spent ENOUGH of your tax dollars?

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