Sen. Warner: Congress Mandating Purchase of Health Insurance Like Medicaid and Driver's License (Video)

Terry Jeffrey of CNSNews.com has been doing a fantastic job recently of quizzing our nations leaders on just where in the Consitution does it allow for the U.S. Government to require as federal law a mandate that individuals MUST have health insurance.

You won’t find ANYONE in the Main (some would say Lame) Stream Media doing this.

Terry has quizzed folks like Senator Burris, Senator Akaka, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Nelson, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, and more. Now, he has turned his attention to our carpet-bagger U.S. Senator Mark Warner from Virginia.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) tells Terry that Congress’ constitutional authority to require individuals to buy health insurance is like Medicaid, Medicare and states requiring driver’s licenses.

Medicare and medicaid were created in the mid-60’s after the liberals gained a super-majority in Congress after JFK’s shooting. Just like a majority of folks don’t want the current legislation that is before Congress, folks didn’t want Medicare or Medicaid. Programs like Medicaid, that Congress has forced upon the states, are not only un-Constitutional, they are breaking the states financially. Drivers Licenses are NOT mandated by the Constitution. They are individual mandates by the states.

Senator Warner also talks about free loaders in the system who get treated in an E.R. But, isn’t taxing the rest of us to provide insurance for those same folks much the same thing??

Shouldn’t an elected official like Senator Warner, who swore an oath to the Constitution and whose only job is to craft laws that comply with the Constitution, have a pretty good clue where the constitutional authority for a particular bill comes from? People who serve in our government have no higher duty than to ensure that everything they do conforms to the U.S. Constitution since there is no higher law in our land.

Congressmen and women are not allowed to just make stuff up as we go. Congress is NOT allowed to just do whatever notion strikes them or whatever whim catches their attention, not if we claim to still give a darn about our own Constitution, not if we want to remain a free people.

The founders set up a limited government because they knew first hand the dangers and threats to liberty presented by a government with too much power.

What could be more dangerous to freedom, what could be more at odds with our limited Constitutional government, than a system that asserts the right to make health care–life and death–decisions about the very life of each and every American?