"It's hard to understand sarcasm and hyposcrisy when you're a DailyKos-ter"

One of my lowly RedState diary posts was honored by an attack from a DailyKos diarist truthhurtsaz.

If I was targeted for ridicule by a DailyKos-ter, I must be doing something right.

But then again, later-on, in the “echo chamber” comments section, ALL RedState diarists are defamed.


 Red State diarist is indignant (excerpted below)


I occassionally check out Red State to further buoy my opinion that they are all quite insane. I’m never disappointed.
So, I came across this on my perusal.

From a poster who’s screen name is … Lech Dharma

A new “anti-racism” organization (UNfairCampaign.org) is kicking-off a billboard campaign in Duluth, MN,  impling that “white” people are either inherently racist—or are too ignorant to recognize “racism.”

In this spot is the picture. Since posting pics is above my pay grade, here is the link to the diary from the red stater. It depicts a white woman’s face over which are written the words “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white”
Then, the diarist continues …

I realize I am simply an “ignorant” white man, but an “anti-racism” organization that singles-out “white people”—like this one does—seems a little racist to me. Watch the short FOX21News video and decide for yourself

And then the DailyKos-ter delivered his fatal blow in “proving” I was “too white” to understand just how racist I really am, by posting the title to my diary post: “It’s hard to see “fairness”—when you’re puffing on a crack pipe or you’re busy looking for a scapegoat to blame.”


Apparently he/she assumes that only non-white people smoke crack or play the blame-game—or else he/she wouldn’t consider that to be a “racist” statement.

But then again, liberals generally only do see the world in terms of themselves and racists.