Is "Islamophobia" actually the more "rational" viewpoint?

“The greatest deception the devil ever pulled-off was to convince the world he didn’t exist.”


Selected excerpts from Islamization and Jihad:

What is ISLAM?


ISLAM is a self-propagating, theocratic ideology that’s anchored to the belief that Mohammed (Muhammad, Mohamet) was the last true prophet of God (Allah); and that the true Word and Will of Allah was gradually revealed to him by the Angel Gabriel (Jibrīl), over the course of 23 years.


Muslims believe that these revelations were “channeled” by Mohammad and written down by his entourage (Sahabah). Following his death in 632 AD, his dictations were eventually gathered into one official compilation known as the Holy Quran (Koran, Qur’an). The content of the Quran, along with anecdotal and biographical texts about Mohammed, known as the Sunnah and the Hadiths, became the doctrinal source of Islamic civil Law known as Sharia.


Sharia Law encompasses, regulates, and prescribes every aspect of human activity: from what to eat, what to say, what to do, and wear—to how to deal with non-Muslims (Dhimmi and Kafir) and apostates (those who turn away from the Faith).  It is the implementation of Islamic religious doctrine through political enforcement.


What does the term ISLAMIZATION mean?


In a nutshell, ISLAMIZATION is the transformation of a regional population into an Islamic state. In essence, an Islamic state is any nation whose population (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) is regulated by Sharia Laws: such as the crime of blaspheming Allah or his Holy Prophet, Mohammed.


The self-propagating mandate of Islam is to continually strive to transform the entire world into a unified Islamic society.  For Islamists (Muslims), this religious duty of manifesting such a society is called jihad.

Black Flag of Jihad

For Muslims,  jihad is a fundamental religious mandate to manifest the expansion of the Ummah—and Dar al-Islam—by various other methods, as well: including proselytization, propaganda, stealth jihad, and cultural invasion.


In today’s world,  jihad is typically implemented by local Muslim groups within a specific nation, but often it is organized, funded, and directed through international Islamic organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and the OIC.


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