Remember, Remember, the Month of December

December 2009 was an historic month for the future direction of America: 

Despite very heated Congressional debate—and a vocal public outcry against it in the form of Tea Parties—the Democrats managed to advance their “transformative” Health Care Reform plan one step closer to reality. In order to get the necessary votes to end debate in the Senate—and to get the Senate version passed—Reid and the Dems had to resort to political “bribery” in the form of massive earmark-spending for the states of Louisiana and Nebraska.

As the French author Tocqueville warned in the early 19th century, [this new] “American republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.”  In the case of the Senate Healthcare Bill, Democrats bribed politicians in their own Party with our money.

December 2009 was also the month that “progressive” Democrats in the House introduced yet another Bill (CIR ASAP) that would grant amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens that have invaded and plundered our country.  Instead of introducing a Bill that would simply increase border security, coordinate nationwide enforcement, and remove the incentives for foreigners to come (and remain) here illegally, this “comprehensive reform” Bill seeks to legitimize, accomodate, and reward illegal immigration. 

It mandates better treatment and quartering of detainees, provides a “shortcut” pathway to legal residency for the illegals already here, forbids “discrimination” against illegal aliens, and repeals the 287(g) program that allows local police agencies to enforce immigration law.  In effect, this Bill would turn all of America into a “sanctuary nation” for illegal immigrants.

Add to THAT a failed attempt by a Nigerian muslim terrorist to blow-up a passenger plane in Detroit, on Christmas Day,  and December has been a memorable month for American politics.