Operation "Tell a Friend about His Friends"

With less than two weeks left to election day, it’s clearly time to take matters into our own hands. Obviously, the media is shirking it’s responsibility to expose Sen. Obama’s questionable relationships and why they are of concern to the American people. But to our dismay even the Mccain campaign is largely staying away from bringing up these troubling associations. These are not “smears” or “distractions” but rather legitimate concerns to each and every citizen of this country. The time is now to launch the “Tell a Friend about His Friends” National Initiative. If every concerned voter spreads the word about about the people Sen. Obama gravitates to and explain why it is a real issue to them we can circumvent the traditional media and speak straight to the American people. At the water cooler, on the phone, through the web,all of us should tell one or more persons one of the following:1)Who Sen. Obama’s questionable friends are (Rev. Wright, William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn,etc. For a comprehensive list see BarackBook.com)2)How Sen. Obama is covering his tracks (“In my twenty years in Trinity United I wasn’t aware of the inflammatory things that were being said” — baloney. “When I first met Bill Ayers I didn’ t know he was a terrorist” — yeah right.). How he and his campaign are obviously hiding information and misrepresenting the facts to the public.3)Why these relationships are of concern to you (informs us about his judgement, reveals to us what he considers acceptable and mainstream, shows us where he feels comfortable on the political spectrum, hints to us where he may have been influenced in his ideas, etc.). Why especially in a time of economic crises like we find ourselves today should we vote for someone who display the right judgement and character.4) What the mainstream media are doing to minimize this very legitimate and grave issue (calling it racist to bring it up, comparing it to those who falsely say that Sen. Obama is a Muslim), how some elements in the mainstream media display a blatant double standard (ex: media’s treatment of Gov. Sarah Palin), and why these media outlets are covering up the way they are. There is so much at stake in this election and we can’t afford to let facts like these go by unnoticed and under considered. Join the grassroots effort and don’t rely on other outlets or campaigns to do their job.Spread the word: “Tell a Friend about His Friends” today!

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