What If It Was California?

  I can’t help but wonder what Obama’s response would have been if the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico had happened off the coast of California, instead of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Would his response have been so “measured”? Would he have been busy playing golf, going on vacation, and having date nights with his wife?

 I live on the Gulf Coast.  The destruction of a culture and a way of life is not a pretty sight. I have friends whose livelihoods are vanishing right before their eyes.  We sit, and we wait for someone to take charge of the situation.  Two months in, and there is no relief in sight.

 There are now articles up on the web on the skepticism of those of us who live along the coast. Should anyone be surprised? As long as Obama and BP keep playing the old Abbot and Costello routine of “Whose on first”, we will continue to be jaded at the response to the crisis.

 I know it’s popular in other parts of the country to think those of us who choose to live here are ignorant and backward. So be it. But we do know politics when we see it.  In 2008, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama voted for McCain. Obama is well aware that he doesn’t need our votes to win in 2012.  For months, he has been behind the scenes, trying to get his lousy cap and trade bill passed. Now he has been given a perfect opportunity to try and jam it through. After all, no sacrifice is too big to do the right thing. Who cares if he is allowing something precious to be destroyed? In politics, the ends often justify the means.

 So, this evening we will be given another bill of goods by the President. He will insist that cap and trade legislation is necessary, considering the situation in the Gulf. Sadly, many will buy it. Meanwhile, along the Gulf, we watch our culture die a slow death.