Dear Congressman Stupak

Dear Sir,

  After watching you on Fox News during the last several weeks make a strong stand on your pro-life position, I was rather flabberghasted at your complete turnaround when it came time to vote for the monstrosity of a bill often referred to as “Obamacare.” Then, after thinking about it for awhile and seeing that the airports in your district received large subsidies just days before the vote, it became clear why you voted the way you did.

  I am not a political scientist, but I am certain about some rules of the game. For one thing, I know that an executive order is not the same as a law. I can hark back to January 2009, when the newly sworn in President Obama overturned an executive order issued by the previous President, that disallowed our tax dollars to fund overseas abortions.  Obviously, then, an executive order can be given and taken away at any time. It does not require a vote, and can be reversed by any President. I am curious why you believe this President will stand by any of his executive orders, considering his poor track record on promises made. I will not detail those here – most Americans are well aware of his penchant for promising one thing and doing another.

  As a result of my pondering you and the situation you found yourself in, I could only come to one conclusion. You are not really pro-life. You are a politician who conveniently aligns yourself with one side or another, depending on which way the wind blows. I have discovered that your district is conservative, so it is easy for me to conclude that your position on abortion was one of convenience, a stand used to garner votes. 

  I am not a voter in your district, but I try to stay involved in politics. My congressional district is represented by a strong pro-life, fiscally conservative Republican. I guess in the lingo of Washington, you could say it is a safe district, one in which there is no serious contender.

  So, since my Congressman will not need large amounts of cash to run a successful campaign here, I have decided that the money I would normally contribute to him is at loose ends. It’s not a huge amount, to be sure, but added with others’ contributions it could be very helpful to a candidate.

  Thanks to your vote on Obamacare, I now know where that money will go. I will wait until after the primaries in your state are over. Then, I will be sending a check to the Republican challenger in your race. I have a feeling I will not be alone. In fact, I will encourage all my friends and family to do the same. Thanks to the miracles of the internet and social networking, I will let all in my circle know what I am doing, and will do my best to persuade others to do the same.

  You see, I have a distinct dislike for people who wave the banner of being pro-life when it is politically expedient, but lay it down at the first opportunity. To put it bluntly, sir, you are a turncoat who no longer deserves to serve in any other position other than dogcatcher. I hope the fall campaign is a particularly strenuous and stressful one for you. And, I am praying that come November, you not only lose, but lose big time.


A Pro-Life American