An Open Letter to Mark Levin

Dear Mark,


As a loyal listener to your program and one who has learned much from your books, I am compelled to write to you about a specific matter of “fairness.”  I enjoy hearing you educate your listeners on so many issues that concern all of us in this country.  You should know I was an enthusiastic supporter of Fred Thompson during the 2007-08 primary season.  It’s a shame the country wasn’t prepared to listen and learn from him, too.


On June 21 you were justifiably critical of Jon Huntsman’s announcement speech in New Jersey.  His attempt to be “Reagan-like” was misguided, arrogant and a pure insult to a man who was miles above this pretend-leader.  But, he is not the subject of my letter.


While playing an audio of a part of Huntman’s speech, you chose to “snore” as his delivery was nearly mind-numbing.  No problem with that!  However, when you stopped the tape, you proceeded to name other candidates who you perceive as equally dull, saying he and they sound like accountants, and you included the name of Tim Pawlenty.  That is the point of this letter.

Until I retired nearly nine years ago, I had lived all of my life in Minnesota.  As I approached retirement, I was weighing the decision to move to another state.  At the top of my list of “pros and cons” I included “liberal” as a reason to leave that beautiful state with the cold winters.  Living and working there for so many years, I had experienced many frustrations with the unflinching mindset of those liberals.  There was very little outrage at Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky matter, and so many simply repeated the lib’s mantra of “it’s just about sex.”  They didn’t understand or even want to hear about his lying under oath, suborning perjury, witness intimidation or the harassing behavior of a 48-year-old man “using” an immature, infatuated 22-year-old intern.


All of this is background to explain that I know Minnesota and her people, and I know how difficult it was for Tim Pawlenty to govern that state conservatively and to win re-election for a second term.  He actually established a new paradigm in that state.  An 18-term U.S. House member (Oberstar) from the formerly solid liberal 8th district was defeated by a Republican last November.  Both chambers of the state legislature now have Republican majorities.  Another Republican would have been elected Governor if not for an independent candidate taking 12% of the vote.  Emmer (R) lost to Dayton (D), a former one-term U.S. Senator who accomplished nothing in Congress, by less than one-half of one percent.

Because I am an avid follower of politics and, of course, the GOP primary process, I have watched every speech Tim has given and most of the other candidates’ speeches as well.  I think he shows plenty of enthusiasm and passion!  Besides, the country elected a speech maker in 2008, and that’s not working out very well, is it?


My disappointment with you, Mark, is that you frequently speak sarcastically and critically of Tim Pawlenty, yet you have not had him on your program to hear his story.  I have no idea if you have studied his record or read any favorable articles (there have been many) or if you’ve seen any speech he has given.  There are legions of them.  The MSM will keep repeating the tired, old labels of “no charisma,” “not enough passion,” etc.  That is what far too many voters hear, and many may not have even seen him.  Equally bad, I believe voters across the country just assume he is a moderate because he was a Minnesota Governor.  That isn’t fair and his record proves it.


Yes, he did flirt with Cap and Trade several years ago, as did many governors.  He reversed his position within a couple of years and even wrote a letter to Congress members asking them not to proceed with that job-killing and tax-raising legislation.  There have been a few other skeletons in his background, all pretty minor, and he is now very diligent in clarifying his positions today.

 The point is that he has a clear and optimistic vision for the country, and he has the courage and fortitude to stand up for his solid conservative ideas.  Larry Kudlow interviewed him in April and again this month and was impressed.  Larry does not ask softball questions.  Tim has a record to prove his conservatism, and compiling such a record in that liberal state says a whole lot about the man behind it.  He deserves to have your ear for a 10- or 15-minute discussion.  If you choose not to give him some time, then I will, sadly, question your fairness.


Not sure you’ll see this post, Mark, but if you do, thanks for listening.


Linda D, Henderson, NV