Fairness Doctrine

This Fairness Doctrine is one that Obama says he is NOT in favor of, though Pelosi and others are. We’ll see if it comes up.

Please read the history and arguments for and against the Fairness Doctrine:


What I didn’t know was that the FCC COULD if they wanted introduce a fairness doctrine of their own.

The Fairness Doctrine has gone through different Supreme Court challenges with different results each time.

One of the elements in this argument is: “The United States Supreme Court upheld the Commission’s general right to enforce such a policy where channels were limited, but the courts have generally not ruled that the FCC is obliged to do so.[1] In 1987, the FCC abolished the Fairness Doctrine.”

Where “channels were limited” would really apply only to television. There are thousands of radio stations on the air and thousands of newspapers, but only a handful of TV stations that are usually available to people.

Hint: If the Fairness Doctrine is in danger of passing, we ask that it apply only to television, since the channels are limited. Given the TV media bias for the Democrats, how enthusiastic do you think Dems would be to pass it in that case?

On radio, the conservative talk shows draw a tremendous audience and the stations would do some creative thinking how to implement a fairness doctrine without shutting off the success of the talk shows. They will not want to shut them down because these shows get them ratings. I can even see a talk show inviting those with liberal ideas every other day and watch them get roasted by the listeners…might be kind of fun!

Pelosi is kind of dumb, seems to me…Obama isn’t. I think that’s why he doesn’t mention the Fairness Doctrine. The benefit would not be just to the Democrats.

I would recommend to legislatures that the only way the Fairness Doctrine would be acceptable is if it applied to only television. This might stop the Democrats from pushing it, and if not, we still could win from it.