Chris Christie needs a kick in the rear end

New Quinnipiac poll shows Christie up by only 4 over Corzine, half of his 8-point lead on September 1. 

I’ve been noticing many more negative ads from Corzine the past few weeks, and Christie’s response ads have basically been to the effect of, poor me, this is so unfair!  Which, in turn, re-focuses attention on Corzine’s original attacks.  Corzine, in other words, has set the tone for the past month.  Christie needs to stop with the “poor me” response – he needs to get out there, make huge ad buys refocusing attention on Corzine’s performance and the terrible state of the NJ economy, and what he is going to do to fix the situation.  As can be seen in answers to the other questions in the polls, he certainly has a receptive electorate to work with.  In short – enough of being on the defensive.  And he needs to solidify the anti-Corzine vote, and emphasize that a vote for independent third-party candidate Chris Daggett (at 12% in this poll) as a protest against Corzine is really a vote for Corzine.  The best defense is a good offense!

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty touched on the same theme today.