abortion: Democrats continuous Hypocrisy

It is not the ownership or presence of firearms that cause such evil as seen in Connecticut. Instead it is a society drifting from God into the mentality, ‘I want to be a god therefore I should be in control’.
When President Obama said, “These children were our children…”, I instantly thought, “Several years earlier when these precious children were in the wombs of their mothers, they had no right to life according to pro-death advocates such as himself and the democrats”. For decades, democrats have insured we raise a culture of people calloused against the value of human life.
To make this great nation give up the core values that have made it great, tyranny must create a crisis with an appearance of it’s source being rooted in such values. I am not stating elected officials or our government were directly involved with this evil massacre. However I am stating decades of mind-numbing anti-Christian, anti-American, marxist propaganda via media, the entertainment industry, leftist academia, legislation via activist judges’, the democratic party and so on, has brought us to this moment of darkness. A moment in which I, a Christian, an American, a husband and a father who owns firearms is equated to a mass murderer of children!
Hypocrisy is one symptom of tyranny. On average, 3,000 children are mass murdered per day in the USA, not by firearms yet by a “right” to abortion that would have never been considered by our nation’s founders and the society in which they lived. A prevalent fallacy of abortion allows human selfishness priority over the right of a child to live. Consider our core founding value, “… endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Pro-death advocates such as democrats, deny the first unalienable right of “Life” to unborn children. Yet they have the gall to hide behind children while demanding we surrender our right to defend the lives of our children! Democrats scream out, “gun control” without regard to their continuous hypocrisy that spits in the face of our nation’s founding principles. Our second amendment right is not about hunting. The original intent remains an individual’s right of defense against crime and/or tyranny. The ownership of firearms by American citizens “shall not be infringed”. Democrats have for decades continuously sought to infringe this right. Meanwhile for decades democrats adamantly defend the right to sinful activity while scoffing at godly societal values. With their godless support of godlessness, democrats have created the social crisis of children being massacred both in schools and in clinics. A degradation of human life, glorification of criminal behavior and a separation from Almighty God’s values both produces and encourages such evil.
God is God. Humans are hopeless without Him. God, our creator never intended societies to succeed without His divine counsel woven into the fabric of society. I pray, just our nation’s founders once did, our current leadership will repent of power grabbing agendas. Then unite toward Almighty God’s counsel so America once again “will be a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere”– President Reagan. President Lincoln once responded sharply to the complaint of an adviser who questioned which side God was on during the civil war, “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right”. America was meant for good in this world. We must remember the source of all good is God because He alone defines “good”.