Top 10 Most Unfortunate Named Candidates

In recognition of the 15-year-old North Carolina sophomore “Deez Nuts” the teen presidential candidate, we decided to step away from research to take a look back at other political candidate names that inspired a chuckle.


1) Young Boozer  |  The 39th State Treasurer of Alabama.


2) Janelle A. Lawless  |  Former chief judge of the 30th Circuit Court in Ingham County, Michigan.


3) Krystal Ball  |  Former congressional candidate for Virginia’s 1st district. She may have lost the race in 2010 but she’s done well for herself — Ball later became a TV personality host for MSNBC The Cycle.


4) Ryan Fattman  |  Massachusetts State Senator


5) Frank Schmuck  |  Somewhere in Arizona


6) Dick Swett  |  Former New Hampshire State Representative


7) Chief Wana Dubie  |  Missouri U.S. Senate candidate


8) Dick Day  |  Former member of the Minnesota Senate who represented District 26


9) BasilMarceaux.com for Tennessee Governor


10) Larry SECEDE Kilgore |  Middle name formerly Scott, legally changed in 2012, a Texas secessionist and perennial Republican candidate for various elected offices in Texas

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