Post-pregnancy Body Shame?


In case you thought the day after giving birth was about snuggling your new baby, being amazed and exhausted and completely overwhelmed, you’re wrong. You should be posting a picture of your post-pregnant body and declaring that you have “NO SHAME” to gain Approval Police applause. Sigh…….yes, it’s a real thing and it’s stupid.

Post-pregnancy body shaming?

Apparently, someone somewhere is disapproving of post-pregnancy bodies and the Approval Police are on the case! What I want to know is: Who is shaming post-pregnancy bodies? Who has time for this? Who cares THIS MUCH about a mom’s body shape twenty-four hours after she gives birth? And why? Why do people care what a woman’s body looks like after she’s just had a baby?

The Approval Police are very focused on women’s bodies and the world’s opinions about them. It seems that Hilaria Baldwin should be applauded for looking like a hot five-month pregnant woman because she said the magic words. (Her lack of stretch marks and cellulite is just rude.)

Chrissy Teigen doesn’t care what you think, (thank goodness)!

“The shot prompted close to 7,000 comments, with many admiring her ability to snap back into shape in an instant, while others criticized her for fanning the flames of unreasonable physical expectations for recent mothers.” – Vogue article above.

See, Chrissy is making recent mothers feel bad about themselves. She should stay flabby and sad because she doesn’t care about what the Approval Police think of her. Rude!

This quote kills me: “…it’s not entirely surprising that she shrugged off so-called mommy-shamers who had a go at her for going out to dinner without her newborn recently, instead enjoying another date night with her husband, John Legend, over the weekend. This time around, she unapologetically flaunted another facet of her post-baby body: toned, gleaming, hot-pants-clad legs that are a conversation starter of their own.”

Mommy-shamers = Approval Police. People were legit mad at Teigen for daring to leave her newborn all alone in a dark and clammy house without food or water for minutes on….come on….with an adult whom she trusted with her newborn baby so she could enjoy some time with her husband. The horror! And how dare she have amazing legs?!

Some actresses have posted their post-pregnancy bodies and they are amazing because they don’t look like they just had a baby. Is it healthy? Is that a good thing? I have no idea. I’m not their doctor. Nor do I really care. If it’s not healthy, it’s sad and I hope they can get the counseling that they must desperately need to be okay being a bit pudgy DIRECTLY after having a beautiful baby. If it is healthy, then I’m jealous as hell because I looked NOTHING like that post-pregnancy….and neither do the vast majority of women who don’t have personal chefs and trainers and assistants and etc.

The Approval Police have decided that if you follow the “Post-pregnancy shaming is wrong” script, and  post a picture of your post-pregnancy self on the world wide web, then NO ONE is allowed to make a negative comment on it and EVERYONE must celebrate your “bravery” even if you look hot. If you do not follow their script, you are a horrible mother and a terrible example for other moms and should feel the SHAME of being a callous, uncaring human being.

Silliness abounds in the world the Approval Police.