Grow Up, Already


Welcome to Utopia, also known as the Nanny State. There are quite a few people who believe them to be one and the same. For these people, most everything should be affected, controlled or led by the government, which is really just people who get paid by our tax dollars to do stuff. This group of people wants to let someone else decide what is important to them. In the past, we called these people adolescents. Adolescents are humans who are no longer children but not ready to accept that life is hard and requires work. During the past four years out of six of Obama’s presidency, these people have requested that we call them Progressives, which is ironic given that most progress requires independent, radical thought and grueling work. Progressives rely on the government and their government-following peers for thought and expect others to actually do the work, while they themselves enjoy their “Utopia”.

As a mother of two, I am raising adolescents…more like preteens. My motherly tendencies cause me to advise my children from time to time to “Grow up”. There are behaviors that are no longer acceptable of an eight year old and a ten year old. Likewise, there are behaviors and beliefs that I see from Progressives, and depressingly from some Conservatives as well, that make me want to shout “Grow up!”. As an adult, a person who has reached the age of 18 years old, you have the opportunity to make your own decisions, your own choices, your own failures and your own successes. If you fail, that’s on you. If you blame someone else for your failure, you are not mature, you are a petulant toddler.

Do you deal with personal stuff on social media? Grow up. We don’t want to know. Adults take responsibility for their actions. We don’t let other people tell us what to do unless they are in a position of authority over us, and then, at best, it is humble submission as opposed to being a doormat. Do your arguments include “sick burns”? Do you see debating as cursing someone out and calling it a win? You are a child. If you cannot see another person’s point of view even if you disagree with them, you are emotionally immature. Grow up. Do you always need other people to fight your battles with, or worse, for you? Grow up. If you cannot embrace, accept, and patiently stand strong on the opinions that you hold, you might need to reconsider them.

If you cannot praise publicly and criticize privately, you need to grow up.

If other peoples’ successes consistently make you jealous, you need to grow up.

If you cannot decide for yourself what makes you happy, you need to grow up.

If your hardest challenge was that somebody didn’t like what you said, you need to try harder things and grow up.

If you are constantly the victim of your own life and you are allowing others to make life choices for you, you need to embrace that your life is yours and grow up.



If your life’s mantra is “It’s not fair”, you need to grow up.

If you consistently refuse to identify yourself as an individual with total control for your own life and instead see yourself as part of a collective group without responsibilities, you need to grow up.

If your bank charges you an overdraft fee because you spent more money than you had and you think it’s unfair, you need to grow up.

If someone got something they asked for and you didn’t automatically get the same benefit and then complain about it, you need to grow up.


If you believe that the tweet you sent out denouncing poverty in the US is activism, you need to grow up.

If you expect the government to come save you when you need it most, you need to grow up.

If your life view is an “-ism”, you need to grow up.

If you have never left the United States but have studied other countries and believe that you understand exactly what needs to change, you need to grow up.

If you believe the solution to any problem is to throw more money at it, you need to grow up.

If you believe rich people are stealing from you because they are getting richer faster than you are, you need to grow up.

If your response to a correct criticism is “Yeah but if…”, you need to grow up.

If you need an “-ism” to make you a better person or make your life relevant, you need to grow up.

If you do not see your life as a valuable contribution to humanity in general but want everyone you meet to constantly approve of your existence, you need to grow up.


If you think that your struggles are harder than everyone elses, you need to grow up.

If you believe that life has it out specifically for you, you need to grow up.

If you see struggle as a reason NOT to try something, you need to grow up.

If you are an adult aged 18 and older, congratulations – life is yours for the making. Now is your time – Grow up.