Feminism: Real and Imagined

So, what CAN your mom call you?

Modern feminism seems to break out into two categories: Experienced & Imagined. There are women all over the world who experience being  harassed, raped, controlled, manipulated, beaten, abused and even murdered because they are women. These women have experienced the worst of humanity based solely on their reproductive parts. It is no wonder they beg, plead, prod & scream “Equal rights”. In places such as Africa, approximately 3 million girls per year will go through the tortuous procedure known as “Female Genital Mutilation“. This mutilation serves no health purpose.“The practice is rooted in gender inequality, attempts to control women’s sexuality, and ideas about purity, modesty and aesthetics. It is initiated and usually carried out by women, who see it as a source of honour, and who fear that failing to have their daughters and granddaughters cut will expose the girls to social exclusion.” – Wikipedia. Education about what makes women acceptable as members of society needs to happen and women who experience these types of horrid experiences are right to plead “Feminism” or “Achieving equal rights for women”. 

And then.

And then there are women, especially those in “Western” civilizations such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, etc., who wail and cry and beat their breasts over what they define as misogyny such as a cartoon shirt, criticism of a female politician, and limitations on abortion.

I am female. Have been all my life. I have a younger sister, a teacher mom and a USNA grad father. My dad grew up in south Texas. He attended the United States Naval Academy. He could have look at the women in his house and said “I am the man of the house and you are ‘just’ women”. He didn’t. He told my sister and I we could do anything we put our minds to. I remember trying to say that math was hard because I was a girl. That went over like a ton of bricks. He wasn’t having it. I went on to Texas A&M and studied Industrial Engineering, where girls were about 25% of the class. I had one professor who declared that he didn’t believe that women should be engineers. I didn’t care. He graded fairly and that’s all I asked.

When I worked in consulting, we won a contract with a steel company. My boss pulled me, the only girl on the team, aside and told me that even though it was my turn in projects, he was going to send my colleague Chris because the work was with the steel line operators and they weren’t “woman positive”. I was grateful. Now, my boss, my colleague and I all knew that I was fully qualified to do the work required. But why would I risk the contract, our reputation and my relationship with my co-workers by falling out over ONE project? Besides, I didn’t want to work amongst a bunch of guys who didn’t want me there. It’s too exhausting to constantly try to prove oneself. I knew I was smart so I moved on.

Women who live in countries and even continents where they are, by law, treated equally under the law, spend their free time imagining misogyny and offense at every turn. While they themselves don’t experience the horrors of being treated  less than human, they hear stories and take these stories on as their burden to bear. Imagination feminists will blindly share stories about women being mistreated, abused or demoted. D-list actresses Ellen Barkin and Martha Plimpton are classic examples of this imagined demotion.




No, Miss Plimpton, Texas has not selectively repealed the 19th amendment of the Constitution and, no, Miss Barkin, a concealed carry license is ONE form of ID Texans can use…a driver’s license works just as well. These two ladies have repeated what they believe feminist “leaders” are saying and then sharing it with whoever will listen.

Imagination Feminists also have a double standard of inequality. They want men to treat them equally but they don’t return the favor. If a woman gets pregnant, the man, who is the father of this child, has NO say in whether that child will be brutally torn apart during an abortion procedure. The child carries half his genes, but Imagination Feminists declare that because the baby is wholly in a woman’s body, it’s wholly the woman’s choice whether to kill or carry to term the child that is only 50% theirs in creation.

Men are told repeatedly not to hit women  because it’s abusive but the women who hit men are “empowered”. Take Ray Rice and his wife. We see in the hotel video that she hits him first. Not one peep out of the Imagination Feminists that she should have kept her hands to herself. We teach all our children that hitting is wrong. It’s wrong when a man does it. It’s wrong when a woman does it but Imagination Feminists wave it away with “empowerment”.

Imagination Feminists cannot conceive that there are intelligent, truly “empowered” women who would disagree with them. From Sarah Palin, who has been called every horrible name under the sun to Michelle Malkin, who gets to deal with the feminist version of misogyny on a regular basis, Imagination Feminists believe conservative women are “brainwashed” or “playground bullies” if they push back against the Feminist narrative.


The Imagination Feminist movement has so actively taken up the mantle of warring against conservative women that Katie Pavlich could write an entire book, Assault and Flattery, cataloguing their devious and destructive ways.

Desiring to be treated as an equal amongst your peers is natural. I cannot imagine how frustrating it was for women like me to be told that they could not go to school because that’s not what women did or to be bought and sold as property and so on. Looking down on a woman simply because she is a woman is wrong. And pretending that there is misogyny at every turn is also wrong. My request to Western (Imagination) Feminists is this: focus on pulling up our truly abused & mistreated sisters and help them achieve the equality they so desperately deserve, and leave the rest to rest, for the sake of all womankind.