We Won! Now What...?

Image from CNN

Most of us have seen this map. Yay!!! We won. See, we say, most of the country is red. And, that really doesn’t mean much. Yes, the “more” conservative candidates won the majority. Yes, [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] will no longer be the Senate Majority Leader, so possibly more good legislation will land on Obama’s desk, as (hopefully) less bad makes it out of committee. But this is not enough. For too long now, conservatives have sat back with the “Leave me alone” attitude. If we are to continue to take back our country to its founding principles, conservatives must remain vigilant and adopt proactive habits that will keep us going in the right direction.

First, adopt the habit of keeping an eye on your representatives, locally, statewide and federally. Sign up for their newsletters and practice skimming them regularly. You don’t need to watch every video, just get the gist of what they are telling you. ‘Like’ their Facebook pages. ‘Follow’ them on Twitter. When you read your local news, make a habit of searching briefly for their name, especially in the ‘Politics’ and ‘Op Ed’ sections. Pay a bit more attention than normal until it becomes routine. You’ll find that local politics affects you directly, statewide and federal more indirectly.

Also, make a point to meet these people. And especially, meet their “handlers”, usually known as staff or even the Chief of Staff. Much like knowing the administrative assistants by name, knowing your representatives’ staff goes a long way.

Next, adopt an issue or two. What drives you or drives you crazy? Health care? Health Insurance? Education? Taxes? Religious Freedom? Environmental issues? Government overreach? National Security? Border Security? Finances? Find an issue or two that interests you and start educating yourself on where your local government, state government and federal government stand. Then, find out where your representatives stand. Stay current with what’s going on in your world so you are ready to take a stand when it’s time.

Finally, develop the habit of communicating with your representatives. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say. Your representatives are usually busy. Think from their perspective. Which is more engaging: An angry email dashed off in the heat of the moment by an unknown constituent, a detailed email thoughtfully written by an unknown constituent or a thoughtful email written by someone they know and trust, even if they don’t agree?

Help them help you. 

Engaging our representatives is where many conservatives fall short. Ever wonder why that really conservative person you elected seems to drift further to the center over time? When the only people they have to listen to are the ones already there, it’s easy to make what seem like small changes. However, when constituents maintain regular and current communication with their representatives, there is less drift. Elected officials understand that it’s only through votes that they will be returning to office and it’s their constituents who can vote. That’s called “leverage” and it’s all yours.

So, conservatives, it’s time to work out our engagement muscles. For many of you, these muscles may be downright flabby from never being used, to your shame, I say! We’ve got to know who our representatives are, stay informed on issues and engage our representatives regularly if we desire to make any lasting changes in our country. Being a mostly red country is nice. Returning our country to its founding principles is the goal. The pain will be worth it. Start developing these habits today.

Originally posted on Laura’s blog: Right Straight from the Heart