Being a Woman is Awesome and Crazy and Awesome!


I am a woman. Always have been. Being a woman is awesome. And I mean it in the literal sense as much as the “Dude – it’s awesome!” sense. Biologically, women are life factories. We are designed and equipped to carry a new person into being. That is awe-some. Not only are we designed to birth children, we are manufactured to be their life support after birth by breastfeeding with human milk that we don’t create on our own. It (usually) shows up all by itself through our awesome bodies. And, as we birth and feed baby humans, we are wired to be the primary caretaker of these tiny humans. Find a breastfeeding woman and put a crying baby near her. Her body automatically pumps out milk and her hormones kick in to “protect the baby”. Women who have babies and even those of us with older children have to mentally block out crying children that aren’t our own lest we sweep in a “rescue” a child who is throwing a temper tantrum or got hurt. It’s in our nature and this is good.

Women are naturally more sensitive to body language and subconscious cues. I, much like most women, have a high BS meter. I don’t do it intentionally and I can’t always explain it, but I can sense when something doesn’t jibe. This is a woman’s sixth sense. I can impress my male friends with my perceived astuteness. Rock that sixth sense, ladies!

There is so much more to being a woman than I can describe but, trust me, it’s all good!

Why do feminists want to get rid of all this? I don’t want to be a guy. Don’t get me wrong – I love guys! I have a son. I want him to be an awesome guy. I want him to be the awesomest guy out there, much like I want my daughter to be the awesomest woman out there. I want both my children to love everything about themselves and embrace the crazy within. Let’s face it – women can be downright crazy and even we don’t like it sometimes. Crying randomly. Not being able to aptly describe the aching, deep down feeling within our souls. PMS. Labor. There are parts to being a woman that are less than awesome but that doesn’t make me want to be a guy. They’ve got their own craziness.

Being a woman is a blessing and we should be all the woman we can be. Ladies – you don’t need to compete with men. We are women. Embrace the crazy. Gush with pride. Hug random people. Cry over the stupid commercial that is stupid for making you cry but it’s so nice. Feel pretty in the new dress/shoes/makeup/hairstyle you just got. Enjoy it when men open the door for you. Be grateful when a man offers help. Bathe in being a woman. We make babies. We have crazy friends. We are ridiculous drivers sometimes. We are fierce. We are beautiful steel. Being a woman is awesome!