My Husband is Turning Red!

This article “Obama Mulls Rental Option for Homeowners” has finally brought my husband over from the dark side!  He proclaims himself a moderate, a centrist, undefined by any party ideology.  Of course I think that is catagorically impossible.  All policy must be evaluated through some kind of lens and your lens will ususally be to the right or to the left given the defined platforms of conservatives and liberals.  But be that as it may, while he is a “registered” Republican that is more of a function of our local politics and my political campaigns than his true party beliefs.  I would typically have described him as “left of center”.  He has been generous in his evaluation of Obama and has been kind of put off by my criticism.  He thinks I’m being harsh and unnecessarily tough on the guy – you know, a right wing hack.

Well No More! Thank You Barack Obama! 

We have real estate.  We own a house that we live in and two investment properties.  We are Realtors and don’t have access to company provided pensions or 401Ks.  We are self employed and real estate is our retirement.  We respect homeownership and the responsibility that comes with it.  We respect contracts and promises – whether verbal or written.  We respect work ethic and never expect a handout.  We have struggled like many of our collegues but we made good decisions and while money is tight, we ought to be able to get through it without losing anything.

Along comes Barack Obama.  The man who singlehandly want to give away the store.  To our Esteemed Leader contracts mean nothing!  With a stroke of the pen they are “poof” – gone! Corporate Bond Holders?  Get in the back of the line!  Mortgage Lenders – You just stop those bad foreclosures now!!!  Your lien means nothing!  Hey – want to keep your home? Stop paying the mortgage! 

Wow.  Stunning isn’t it?

Here’s what we worry about. We have made a long term plan for the rest of our lives based on certain truths. Real Estate will always be a good investment.  Private Property Rights are fundamental and unshakeable and contracts are enforced.  Last night, after reading that article, my husband has seen that these truths may  not mean a damn thing.  He sees that this one man seeks to undermine all that for what?  Obama sees a culture where work is meaningless, homeownership is bestowed, not earned and those that risk do so with no expectation of any return and every reason to believe that what is realized will be taken away.

Its been less than 7 months and I am scared to death.  But at least my husband is now quaking with me.