Why Rubio is NOT the GOP's Obama

My good friend and President of our local (Sarasota, Florida) Young Republican Club, Matthew Cochran, had a great blog post today debunking this idea that somehow Marco Rubio’s charisma, background and incredible oratory skills are such that he is our own “Obama”.

Apart from the fact I find the comparison insulting, it couldn’t be further from the truth and Matthew does a great job explaining why:

The difference between Rubio and Obama is that Rubio supporters know their guy has substance and will make a good Senator.  Obama supporters “like” their guy and that’s about the jist of it.  Rubio isn’t the GOP’s solution to their problems because of any characteristics that make him like Barack Obama.  He is the cure to the GOP’s dilemma because of his true conservative values. And values are not what Barack Obama was elected for.