How the Press Will Try to Elect Crist

I blogged the other day about the Op-Ed piece written by the Governor of Florida (now Senatorial Candidate) trying to establish his conservative credentials just before he signs a bill with a record number of new taxes and fees and after he stands on a stage wrapped in a warm embrace of the most liberal president of our time and I am ridiculously hopeful that some MSM will call out his hypocrisy.

Silly me.

If you read my profile you will find that I ran for office in the last two election cycles.  I didn’t win (which I now believe is a good thing).  I am not nor have I been naive about what I would experience being a politician. I have very thick skin and I can put the process into perspective.  Being intimately involved in the last election cycle was quite the eye opener.  More like an eye-popping opener.  No, more like a “my eyes are literally falling out of my head and exploding on the ground” kind of eye-opener.  And I am caught in a whirlwind of memories and discovering that I had pushed my own experiences into a dark place in my mind now pulled out and vividly replayed annoyingly over and over.

As a candidate for office, I had no delusions of a fair press.  I live in a community served by one daily owned by the New York Times, a weekly with such a small staff the news and editorial division are one in the same and a second weekly owned by a very conservative publisher.  The first two lean heavily to the left and the third obviously way to the right.

I had an interview one day with the conservative paper.  A very young man came to ask me a series of questions about my background and positions etc.  Typical.  I asked him if he was going to be asking the same questions of my opponent – an incumbent liberal democrat (teaches political science at a liberal honors college).  “Of course” he replied.  Then I asked him if he was going to fact-checking any of what we were telling him or was he simply going to regurgitate our answers.  He said no — and this was the conservative paper!

This incumbent Democrat had just completed his first term of office in the Florida House of Representatives.  He had not passed one bill in two sessions (claimed his good ideas were stolen by Republicans).  He made wild claims about his “influence” that with 5 minutes of research could be debunked.  When I quoted the language from his bills, he said I obviously didn’t read them. 

Guess how much of that appeared in any news story?  When we sent mail or did ads highlighting his failures, even publishing a website with the documentation to back it up – it was ignored (although one of his supporters did call, wished I would rot in hell AND left her name and number.  That was nice).  Heck, a couple of reporters even called me screaming about how I could LIE about the incumbent, but admitted they hadn’t looked at any of his record nor would they bother themselves with looking at the documentation we provided.  Bordered on surreal.

So I am afraid we will see more of this on a grand scale.  Where is the mocking of the Governor’s op-ed? Why give him a pass?  Reasonable people should ask this – demand it actually.  But alas – it will not be. A liberal wrapped in a conservative’s clothes is still a liberal underneath and the MSM will not be the ones to disrobe him.