I am so freaking annoyed! 

Today I read Charlie Crist;s op-ed piece in the Tampa Tribune where he – get this – says he OPPOSES Obama’s spending programs. 

In addition, the president’s plan will severely increase our national debt.

Seriously?  Has he forgotten he stood on stage with the President with his hand out and tongue wagging grabbing the goodies from Washington dangled before him?

And then there’s this:

The destructive power of a program dependent on increasing taxes begins with the disincentive Americans will be given to work, save and invest. As rates approach 40 percent or higher, what incentive is there to pursue greater productivity and innovation when nearly half of the benefit of such individual successes are captured by the federal government to pay its debts?

The personal incentive of income as a result of hard work is a cornerstone of American prosperity and must be protected.

He is about to sign a budget for Florida that increases taxes and fees all across the board AFTER he signed a No New Tax Pledge. 

I think I have barfed a bit in my mouth.

But here is what really frosts my cookies.  There are “republicans” who are buying this crap.  He will, for now, get a pass.  Some ghost writer probably penned this piece for him and it gets published and he will hit the road speaking out of both sides of his mouth choosing which side to use depending on who he is speaking to.  Deja Vu all over again.