IL Constitution amendment on '14 ballot

Our illustrious and all-knowing democrat career politicians in illinois have devised a vehicle that would prohibit the initiation of a state voter ID law and allow fraudulent voting in illinios to become the constitutional norm. The following is listed as a proposed amendment on the Illinois 2014 election ballots:

CONSTITUTION BALLOT PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE 1970 ILLINOIS CONSTITUTION Explanation of Amendment The proposed amendment adds a new section to the Suffrage and Elections Article of the Illinois Constitution. The proposed amendment would prohibit any law that disproportionately affects the rights of eligible Illinois citizens to register to vote or cast a ballot based on the voter’s race, color, ethnicity, status as a member of a language minority, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or income. You are asked to decide whether the proposed amendment should become part of the Illinois Constitution. For the proposed addition of Section 8 to Article III of the Illinois Constitution.

There has been no opposition to the proposed amendment from illinois state republican leadership, in fact, some have payed lip service in favor of it (so the news media will not crucify them and label them as racists, etc).

If this proposed amendment is adapted, any future attempt to pass a voter ID law, or attempt to suppress illegal aliens from voting would be unconstitutional in illinois. This is purely a democrat party initiated ploy to gain a permanent democrat party majority in illinois. The language that is used in the proposed amendment is purposely misleading to fool even the staunchly conservative voter. From that point on, I don’t think you will see much if any election monitoring from organizations such as “True-the-Vote”. There would be no point. Anything goes now. Same philosophy as having open borders. Let them all in so they can vote for the democrats, who will hand out freebees using taxpayers money.


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