My view of both local and national primaries

 Long prior to the election, I got on the county clerks website and downloaded a sample ballot, then proceeded to search for and read everything I could about all the candidates in the race nationally and locally. My early favorite pick for 12th congressional seat (to replace retiring demo Jerry Costello) was Tea-Party favorite Teri Newman. I also went to hear her speak at one of our Republican committee meetings. She was knocked off the ballot by the big money guy Jason Plummer about a month before the election.

 If you ask me, voting results in my county are incoherent. The majority of folks in my County joined me in voting for Republican positions beating the Democrats by around 1.7:1 ratio in most cases. But for the two most important positions; 0bama beat Santorum 8576/7896 and the 3rd circuit Judges seat was also won by the democrat incumbant Napp due to two Republicans running for the seat, splitting the vote. Yet the people joined me in voting NO on local tax increases.

 My pick for POTUS, Newt Gingrich did not fare well in the election results and neither did my pick for 3rd circuit Judge.

 This leads me to believe that voter turnout for the 2012 primary among democrats was very low, and that the democats who did vote, did not make many selections for the bulk of their local officials (expaining why 0bama beat Santorum by a small margin). There were a total of 18,596 ballots counted (reportedly).

 Apparently, that figure must be only the paper ballots (not counting early/out of town voters, since the sum of votes/office exceeds that number. ????

 I am seeing around 21,000 total votes cast for county board chairman, auditor, recorder and circuit clerk each.

 I dont know what the ratio of democrats to Republicans was. I am hoping the Republican County Chairman will post this data on RepublicanNewsWatch.

 During the course of the campaign (though you’d never know there was a campaign around here) there was not one person going door-to-door. The only candidate who tried to reach out to the public was Jason Plummer for 12th Congressional district. He sent four large postcards in the bulk mail (and that may only be because I personally signed his petition to run for the position at a local GOP meeting last year). Had it not been for that, one might not have ever known there was an election going on here. BTW, you’d also never know there was a Republican County Chairman here until a few days before the election (and that is probably only because I badgered their office with e-mails, thus getting on their e-mail list). But now, I have the RCC’s phone number (because they made the mistake of including it on their robo-e-mails).

 In illinois, voting is open ballot. voters are not bound by registration to vote democrat or Republican, but they always ask which way you are going to vote before they hand you the ballot. I believe that is improper.

 Also, in illinois, voters get to select the delegates to the Presidential nominating convention. Each voter is allowed to select 3 delegates from the (12th congressional district) for the national convention and alternates.

 I prefer Freedomworks to Heritage Action, Freedomworks has an “Action” webpage and a spin-off site called Freedomconnector that allows people to join local conservative groups and contact members, share information and petitions, meeting schedules, etc. There are several Tea-Party type groups in neighboring towns who have accounts on Freedomconnector.

I must have at least a dozen e-mails in my hotmail inbox every night from:



 ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice)



 Newts campaign staff

 our County Republican Chairman

 ILGOP.org and various sister sites

 I have RepublicanNewsWatch, both my Senators and Representative parked in my web-browser favorites for quick access to their websites and e-mail so I can send them petitions and letters opposing liberal legislation. Beyond that, I also use petitionthegovernment.com and send letters to my congressman making him aware of my petitions. The site also shows the congressman the total percentages of petitioners for and against each petition.

 I probably fax or e-mail a half dozen e-mails or petitions each week to lawmakers or groups collecting them regarding some current legislation, both local and national. BTW, petitionthegovernment provides members with boilerplate petitions that every member can agree or oppose. The website keeps track of the totals for each. It provides a letter that you can copy/paste to an e-mail to send to your congressmen.

 I am fully aware of the requirements and process to run for precinct committeeman. We had NO precinct committeman in my precinct this year. I told my County Republican Chairman that I would run for precinct committeeman here if I could get complete and un-censored voting records from the County Clerk. So far I havent talked to but a few people in my voting precinct due to the problem with the voting record, but have met with many people outside of my precinct, including actual candidates. The farther you get away from my town, the more Republican the districts are. I did actually find and speak to someone who was a precinct committeeman here years ago. He was “inactive” unfortunately, during his time in office, so I was unable to get any expectations from him.

 So, at this point, American Majority is a little out of my league. I’m probably infinitely more politically active than anyone in my precinct, though. Down here, the public thinks politics begins the day before elections and ends when they exit the polls. But, here, most are pro-union liberals and self-proclaimed socialists. Remember, they dont need to lift a finger to get what they want. The unions and the government provide everything for them (at someone elses expense). The are very happy with that.

 So, while I should be thankfull that we did select local republicans in the primary, I am dissappointed that the two most important positions (POTUS and Judge) fell to the democrats. And this was only the primary. If more dem voters turn out to vote in the general, the end results might not look as good as they do now.

 Since my pick for POTUS is not doing well halfway thru the primary elections, theres not much to look forward to in the general election.

 Many folks at RS are calling for an end to the primaries and chanting that everyone should consolidate around the Massachussetts “seriously” liberal, crony-capitalist.

 The reason why I do what I do and cast my ballot is to attempt to obtain officials who will represent my conservative values in government. I had absolute confidence in Teri Newman to do just that. But since she was thrown out, I cast my vote for Plummer, because I would also rate him as a conservative.

 For me to vote for Romney in the general election would be very difficult. It would be like me voting for 0bama with an (R). Romney = 0bama in my view, thus Romney is ROBAMA. He comes nowhere near close to representing anything I would call conservative.

 I wanted someone who would lead the fight to balance the budget, bring jobs back, end the war on domestic energy, end the war on Christianity, start paying off the debt, start protecting our borders and do major entitlement reforms as well as repealing the all the 0bama administrations 0bominations, and other atrocities of the past which advanced wealth redistribution. The only person running who I have confidence in to do these things is Newt Gingrich.

 If the only way we can get a conservative in the WH is via a brokered convention, then that is what I am hoping for now.