New years resolutions: Reid,Pelosi,Boehner & McConnell

New years resolution for Nancy Pelosi: Just go home to your socialist utopia Krapifornia and stay there. Your presence in congress is irritating and irrellevant.

New years resolution for Harry Reid: Resign your post immediately so the congress can start cutting spending and passing pro-growth economic policies.

New years resolution for Mitch McConnell: Start talking to your colleagues in the House of Representatives and stand by their initiatives. Rally your Senate colleages around their conservative principles and join them in the fight to destroy the socialist behemoth in the Senate.

New Years resolution for John Boehner: Stand firmly behind any legislation to cut spending and improve the economy offered by your caucuses and DO NOT ever back down off of them no matter what. Call the democruds bluff for a change and see if they got the guts to shut the govt down or TAKE your bill. DO NOT cave-in to the socialist democruds under any circumstances. NO COMPROMISE. Compromise is what got us HERE !

New Years resolution for ALL Republicans in congress; DO NOT pay any attention to the mainstream media and the demogoguery by democruds and do not allow their lies, propaganda and scare tactics to sway your PRINCIPLES. Stand firm for your principles and do NOT back down under any circumstances. Do what is right for the American people, regardless of how you THINK your position might cause your re-election to be compromised.