John McCain: A transitional Presidency?

After hearing the convention speech of Sarah Palin, it slowly becameapparent to me that if (God willing) John McCain is elected President,he will be a transitional President, bridging the gap between the “old”Republican Party of the ’80s and ’90s, and the “new” Republican Partyof the future. Sarah Palin is just one representative of the new publicface of the Republican Party, along with Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty,and others yet to be seen on the national scene. All of these “new”Republicans are of the post-baby boomer generations, and as such, areuntainted by the turmoil, effluvia, and mentality of the the late’60s and ’70s.

By his choice of Sarah Palin as Vice-President, he hasopened the door for these new faces of the Republic Party to be seen, inspite of the MSM. If he can continue to pull these sorts of politiciansinto the government once he is elected, I think it is possible to starta real transformation of the Federal government, that can really startto take off once McCain’s term is complete, if all goes well.

It appears that this “new” Republican Party will tend to be more sociallyconservative; more fiscally responsible; less tolerant of the corrosiveLeft (socialists, communists and their ilk); more overtly religious(but at the same time not judgmental or “preachy”); more willing to identify and target true evil in the world; more appreciativeof the uniqueness and greatness of the United States; and overall justmore like the bulk of us “normal” people. In a word: conservative.

I think I now have more reasons to be optimistic for the direction our countrynow has the opportunity to take. Now, if only people will sit back andthink before they pull the lever in the November election…