Dear Sensible Democrats


Dear Sensible Democrats,

I know that you exist.  I know in my heart that you must, because I still believe that this is a great country . . . and great countries do not arise from only one political ideology.

I beseech you not to abandon or overlook your better judgment regarding this proposed massive government takeover of health care.  Do not be persuaded by enticing offers of power or money or historic legacies from those extremists who have hijacked your party.  They will not long have the ability to grant such favors.  Do not fall for the misleading statistics and projections regarding the costs and effects that this health reform proposal would cause this country.  The everyday, commonsense people have recognized, as should you, that these vast bills equal great expense and significant government intrusion into everyone’s health care decisions.  Doubt not that the large majority of American people, who oppose this reform, will remember your courage for standing against it and reward you.  Doubt not that the same majority will also remember you, should you fail.

You are the only hope for so many of us Americans.  Every Republican Senator and every Republican Representative, save one, is opposed to these bills.  As President Obama prepares to bypass Senate procedure through reconciliation, they alone are not enough.  But surely such unified opposition sends an important message.  If you believe, as I do, that there are sensible members of the opposing party—does it not give you pause that none of them see merit in the proposed reform?

Time and again, the people of this country have rejected the proposed health care reform . . . during the August recess at town hall meetings; through poll results and marches; and most remarkably, in Massachusetts, where voters gave the Senate seat formerly held by the champion of health care reform to an unknown truck owner who promised to vote against it.  We have done what we can, and now it is your turn.  Please do not let us down.