Redstate & the Borg

Today you’ll find an excellent article on the front page written by the new editor here at Redstate. I say this totally meaning what I say. It is a great article, especially if you enjoy Star Trek. But every time I read an article like this I get a little frustrated. I could keep it to myself but since the article itself says to go ahead and post in the diaries, I thought, why not?

You see, I really enjoy a lot of the articles here at Redstate, especially Leon’s and Caleb’s. But I don’t always agree with them. And as the front page article points out , that is a good thing to not always agree. But for disagreeing several years ago I posted perhaps two short comments where I disagreed with Leon and thus I was forever blacklisted from the comments section.

Now as a conservative and believer in liberty, I appreciate fully that Redstate has every right to do such a thing. I have said so in previous diaries.  But it is really misplaced when you have someone who marginally disagreed to say we don’t want to hear your voice, at least in the comments section, and then keep on posting articles about how we should have different opinions within our movement.

Redstate, all I ask is that you continue to be a great site as you have been and allow myself and others to comment and occasionally disagree. It’s not trolling. It may be your right to do otherwise. But does it align with your  mission and beliefs? And for those who say, how do I get a diary? I don’t know and they’ll probably take mine away. Nonetheless, even if I am banned from diaries, it doesn’t take away the things I appreciate about Redstate and the many well written articles. I just would like more practiced liberty within the community and not just talk about it. Because from my perspective I don’t see it so much.

Congratulations by the way to Leon and Caleb on their new jobs.