Courage to Do the Impossible

Next week the men and women of the rules committee to the RNC, followed by the larger gathering of delegates from around the fifty states, the District of Columbia and the territories will have the opportunity to be brave. They will have the opportunity to make history. They have the opportunity to do what is thought impossible in this day and age of go along to get along politics.

It may be fate that this will happen shortly after we celebrated our 240th anniversary of our initial declaration of independence from the British.  Once again we are faced with fighting for our freedom from tyranny, from bureaucratic powers far from our homes and from government oppression. It may seem like trivial politics to some, but surely a loss here will continue our Republic’s slide towards its eventual destruction.  But should we win the fight on the convention floor, maybe July will be known to have two independence days.

Let the delegates declare to the RNC and to the media and to the American people, that we who support liberty and freedom and the America that is the shining city on a hill, that we will not go quietly in the night, that we will not vanish without a fight.

The delegates will have a choice and a chance to do what is right. It is right because neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump will lead with moral courage, honesty and the best interest of the American people. When faced with upholding a pledge or upholding the values they pledged in so many other times and in so many other ways, they do have a choice.  This choice affects the fate of the nation and the fate of millions of lives. There is a choice beyond merely following a pledge or a local law. There is also a duty to elect someone who will uphold the constitution and who will work to thwart evil, not only the evil of Isis but the evil of abortion and Planned Parenthood.

The delegates will have the choice to win. They can make this a winning election because everyone from true conservatives, to the proud moderates and the honest liberals, none of them want Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Many say that such an uprising would ensure defeat but such courage may be the only thing to ensure a win. The public cries out for politicians and leaders to have courage.

The delegates have a choice to make a difference. So many people say that one person can’t make a difference. So many people look back and wonder what would have been different in their life had they actually given all their effort to make a difference.  Every single person at the convention can make a difference. While freedom may never be more than one generation away from being lost, each generation has the opportunity to preserve and fight for freedom and to make choices that will have long lasting effects.

The delegates will have a choice to fight for the underdog.  They can fight for the little guy who they know deserves better. They can be the champions who we all hope still exist. They can make their children proud.

And they have the choice to actually support the will of the people. The majority or Republican voters have not chosen Donald Trump and the RNC does not have direct democratic elections to elect a nominee. The convention is where the nominee is chosen by the delegates who were themselves elected or appointed. If the will of the people really is to elect Donald Trump, let them vote for him as a Democrat or as an independent candidate. The delegates have an opportunity to say the Republican Party stands for something more.