To Diary or Not To Diary

There has been a lot of frustration and discussion about the website redesign and what it means. I’m going to offer my own two cents for what it’s worth. It’s common human behavior to try to understand motives of other humans. Often doing this is perilous however, because we often really can’t know other’s motives. So here are just some quick thoughts that hopefully are constructive.

I have worked in IT over 20 years and bugs happen. It does seem poorly planned but this stuff does happen to the best of us and we don’t know all the details of how the design happened. I believe they will definitely bring comments back.  If I’m wrong that will be very disappointing. Community involvement is what makes this site special.

What’s wrong with a robust conversation and letting Disqus users comment? I know it can lead to a lot of trolls but it seems too much restriction currently. For some reason I was banned from commenting years ago and I don’t know exactly why. I made what I thought were some fairly mild and conservative criticisms and I was banned. I really like the site but that seems very thin skinned.

I don’t know what direction Redstate is heading in but I thought having diaries from regular people was one of the great things about the site. If that is to continue they should really find a way to encourage more diaries. I wrote for Examiner.com before it became one giant web ad,  and in the beginning they really encouraged writers to write. I made decent money writing there. Redstate doesn’t even have to pay diary contributors just give them a good platform where there work can be seen and be transparent on how to get your work elevated to the front page.

Just my two cents. I hope Redstate is moving in a good direction with lots of potential. I think the site redesign was probably needed but really needs to be improved.