Trump Is Not Batman

Why do people like Donald Trump? You’ve heard all the reasons, you know it’s not policy or conservatism but personality and emotion. But why do they have an emotional affair with Donald Trump? Simple, they think he’s Batman! Sound crazy, no more so than Donald Trump being the Republican nominee and getting there with all the things he’s said and done.

People see Donald Trump as kind of a vigilante and they think it’s about time somebody do something and stand up to the criminal politicians and inept “conservatives.” They also grow tired of the PC police, as the gang that can’t shoot straight. Trump stands up and says blistering nonsense, but he says it with authority and he says key phrases that people want to here, like “we aren’t winning anymore.” Donald Trump is the vigilante of the PC world, but what gives him credibility in peoples eyes, is that he seem to have a lot of money. Probably not the $10 billion that he claims but they See “Trump” all over casinos and buildings and they think he’s like Bruce Wayne.

But in reality Donald Trump is not Batman, He is more like the Joker putting on the Batman suit. He may look like a PC police vigilante, but his past and his constant lies reveal his true identity. People have already committed to believing Trump is Batman though and after having been disappointed so many times before, they refuse to accept they have been fooled again, it’s just too disappointing. They have to have hope, even if there is no reason to think Trump will really save the day.

This is why many rural Republicans and southerners didn’t accept Ted Cruz. He may have been an outsider fighting the establishment long before Donald Trump, but he didn’t look like Batman or Bruce Wayne, he looked and sounded like a politician. Cruz was careful and calculating in a smart way. he was disciplined and organized. This is what people think politicians are and so no matter how much the truth is that Cruz is an outsider, their eyes and ears told them he looked and sounded like a politician, and so therefore looking at the facts beyond that didn’t matter.

But why do people like Batman? Because they feel the police haven’t done their job or haven’t been able to do their job. In this case it’s the Republicans who are the police. Some people say we need to have gone easier on the squishy moderate Republicans, who are now at least brave enough to be #neverTrump. The reality is those Republicans who didn’t do their job by standing up for the people who elected them to be an opposition to the Democrats, are exactly why people are looking for Batman. There are some squishy moderates who see Trump for who he is, but it is likely many are #neverTrump for a variety of reasons, including protecting themselves. We should welcome these people to the conservative movement and encourage them to adopt the conservative agenda, but we should not let them convert us to the squishy side, just because the enemy of our enemy is our friend type of scenario. If we get this wrong we may be taking one more step towards a French style revolution in which we meant well but enabled the ruling class to feel more legitimate.