Rubio, Still Fighting for the Nomination?

I have worried for some time and am now convinced that Marco Rubio is going to try very hard to be the nominee at the convention.

Here are the puzzle pieces. Put them together and see what you think.

Marco Rubio has not endorsed anyone, even Ted Cruz whom he called the only conservative left in the race.

He sent a letter asking the states to allow him to keep his delegates.

This week the RNC rules committee made sure no changes were made that would have prevented Rubio or other candidates from being considered on later ballots.

In his concession speech Marco Rubio said he would continue but couldn’t afford it. He did not say “the people have spoken and I am not to be the nominee this time.” So if it’s only a money issue, this is the perfect way to run without running. Just keep your delegates and come back in at the convention.

If John Kasich can still be in the running and his main argument is a contested convention, Rubio has an even better argument with more delegates, votes and contests won.

Marco Rubio worked to stack his supporters as the Florida delegates that are bound to Trump on the first three rounds.

He said Cruz was the only conservative but didn’t endorse him. It seems like he wanted a contested convention just to stop Trump and not so much for Cruz to win.

Marco started talk of a contested convention long before he dropped out.

Marco’s mentor Jeb Bush talked about winning the nomination while losing the primary.

Marco has said he won’t run for senator or governor. Is that because he still sees a path to be president?

Rubio has recently reiterated that he will support Trump if he is the nominee. He must do this to keep his pledge to the RNC and stay in their good standing.

Think about it, anybody who runs for president has to have a healthy ego and if there is still a chance for Marco Rubio, at the very minimum he would be open to preserving that possibility. Or worse he could be campaigning for it very actively.

I don’t know if this means there is an “establishment” conspiracy. However, even though picking a candidate other than Trump or Cruz may seem to lead to the Republican party’s destruction, they may look at it as not all that bad. They figure they’re going to lose either Trump or Cruz supporters regardless, you can’t keep both. They know there’s nothing they can do to keep Trump supporters but they figure they may keep some conservatives with Marco Rubio because many people see him as a true conservative. Then, they will have no problem losing with Marco Rubio because they get to save the party from Trump, run a conservative whose loss can be blamed on his conservatism. Then, in four years they figure many people will have forgotten, or for the ones who don’t they’re thankful to have purged the party of such ideologues anyway. They may even figure they can get back at ted Cruz in the process by giving him the boot.