Rush Limbaugh - I Hope He Retires

To understand the headline you have to know some history. Nearly eight years ago as Rush Limbaugh himself tells it, when he was given the opportunity to write 400 words on Barrack Obama’s Presidency he said he only needed 4 words. Those words were “I hope he fails.” Of course that made the news everywhere and everyone was shocked, by everyone I mean the mainstream media. Now Rush says things often just to tweak the media and others. He explained on his show many times that he didn’t want Obama’s liberal policies to succeed and that was the meaning of his statement.

Several weeks ago I found myself thinking those four words about Rush. No, I don’t want him personally not to do well. Rush, although a flawed individual like all of us, for many years explained conservative principles in a way that no one else ever has. As a Christian I try to put aside personal animosity for people I don’t always agree with and hope and pray for the best for each of them.

After several months of Rush’s constant shilling for Donald Trump while he was insisting that he was neutral however, become too much for me. I try, but most days I can’t listen to him for more than a minute or two before he either defends some ridiculous thing that Donald Trump has said or done or just tries to deflect for him in some way. Of course he will occasionally say something nice about Ted Cruz, but it can sometimes seem like a subtle backhanded compliment.

Personally, I hope Rush does well and I wish him the best but I can’t listen to him anymore. He has become a bad spokesperson for conservatism because he advocates for it intellectually and through examples and the sometimes entertaining use of farce. However, in his actions he then advocates for a populist with very low or no morals or convictions who doesn’t believe in or understand conservatism at all.

There have been rumors on liberal websites talking about how Rush Limbaugh may retire. The main reason is because iheartmedia, the company that distributes his show is in money trouble and can’t afford a big expensive contract with Rush Limbaugh and his aging audience. Stories like this you have to take with a few grains of salt. However, I know he has turned a significant amount of his audience off and a lot of conservatives have stopped listening to him. I don’t know if it’s too late for Rush to undo the damage he has done to his audience and I don’t know if the money troubles at iheartmedia are true or if they matter. I also don’t think Rush is just in this for the money. In the end only Rush knows what he is going to do. He might stick around just because liberals think he might leave. However, I would much rather listen to other conservative talk show hosts. Rush doesn’t have to retire for this to happen. The free market will take care of this on its own. However, if Rush doesn’t change his tune and turn things around I think his audience will continue to shrink and he may eventually have to retire or be left with a significantly smaller number of stations that carry his show.