Breaking America by incompetence or on purpose?

Is the president of the United States doing a really bad job or is he accomplishing exactly what he set out to do? It’s hard to imagine so many things going wrong in our country and just blaming it on a leader who stumbles around into one bad situation after another. But to think that our leader is purposefully transforming the country in such a way is hard to imagine. You might say, what does it matter the motivation if the results are the same? It matters because you can’t fight a battle in which you don’t understand the objectives.

Make no mistake, all sides in a battle have objectives, whether it’s for a country that leaves you to yourself to accomplish your dreams or for a system that makes everything “fair.” It must also be understand that sometimes one side is fighting to achieve as many goals as possible and not just one main goal. It’s not just about winning the presidency or making the country a liberal utopia by fiat. If you can win many battles you effectively win the war by attrition.

To really understand, you must broaden your mind. Part of the reason we were blindsided by the events of 9/11 was our lack of imagination in what the terrorists would do. You have to imagine a world in which evil exists and not just on a human level. President Obama is not our enemy. No human, no matter how deluded they may be to the truth is really the enemy. This may sound counterintuitive to my message so far, but as a Christian, I understand that God does call us to love and serve our fellow man and that He wishes that none of them should perish. But with this also comes the understanding that we have a spiritual enemy, who will go to extreme lengths to work against us and who can delude people into doing almost anything. If you’re not a believer this may be hard to understand. However, you have to know that evil exists and humans can be and are used as instruments of evil.

So whether you’re looking at Vladimir Putin, President Obama, the situation in Israel or some other major conflict, you must understand two things. First, while there is always the chance for incompetence in people, they also have an agenda with many goals that is driving what they are doing. They are also not going to reveal this agenda flat out. Second, there are more than the obvious forces at work. Our enemy is out to destroy us in many ways and when you understand why the battle is really being fought, you will see that it can’t be won simply by putting forth better ideas. The battle is a spiritual one, whether you see it or believe it. If you naively look at the world and think that people at high levels of control are just simply misinformed or incompetent you don’t have enough imagination to understand, that at that level of play, there is a bigger battle going on.

But how do you fight such a battle? it’s more than a battle of liberal or conservative ideas, it’s a battle for souls and for truth. We must live our values and show people the ultimate truth of the universe and this is the real objective. Our enemy wants us to believe a lie and will sacrifice the lives and livelihoods of many for this goal. It’s important to point out truth and to encourage freedom wherever and whenever we can, but first we must understand the objectives of the battle.