U.S. Navy Veteran for McCain & Palin

To the United States of America Public,

By reviewing the history of the United States and of our presidents a trend can be seen. The trend is that when the United States was most respected worldwide was when our president had served in the military of our country. Presidents like, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. These presidents all had common experiences, that is, a disciplined military training, experience in actual battlefield situations, and strong beliefs in human traits like, honor, courage and commitment. Following are the definitions for these important human traits. Honor – a keen sense of ethical conduct – acting with integrity that one’s word is given as guarantee of performance. Courage – mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. Commitment – an act of committing to a charge or trust: as an agreement or pledge to do something in the future. These are also the important core values of the U.S. Navy. The observation I make here is that of the two candidates for the upcoming U.S. Presidential election only one person combines all of these qualities at an effective level. That person is Senator John McCain from Arizona.

I strongly believe that in order for the United States to maintain its position as the leader of the free world that we need to elect John McCain as our next president. Our world is changing very quickly, there are many risks to our freedom and the demands on our next president will be greater than ever before, in ways that will require the skills of a very disciplined and courageous individual. An individual, who understands by having actually gone through experiences where traits like honor, courage, and commitment were tested, displayed and strengthened.

John McCain is a member of a very large and important group in our country. This is the group of veterans who were willing to defend our country and for many whom paid the ultimate price with their lives. Just stop and think for a moment what it would be like for you to be in a battlefield situation and be very close to death all the time. Think about what it would mean to exist one moment and then be gone the next, to have every future opportunity gone forever in the blink of an eye. This kind of battlefield experience can change a person forever in many different ways. In John McCain’s case I see his battlefield experiences and time as a POW during the Vietnam War as having strengthened an already high desire to serve his country even more. I had the privilege to serve in the United States Navy onboard the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy CV 67. An aircraft carrier much like the one John McCain left during October 1967 in a Douglas A-4E Skyhawk and was later shot down over Vietnam. Speaking as a U.S. Navy veteran and one who has worked with aircraft carrier air wing personnel, I’ve witnessed firsthand their resolve, commitment and capabilities. These are exceptional men and woman who are extremely motivated and well trained and experienced before they ever step foot onboard an aircraft carrier to perform their duties. They are ready from day one to execute and perform successfully. To put an inexperienced and untested person in a situation like that is like asking for certain failure. John McCain is ready on day one to lead our country. His opponent is not. I finally had the pleasure to meet John McCain at one of his town hall meetings earlier this year and to shake his hand. I know when John McCain says he will do something to help our country and people he will deliver on that commitment! That’s a guarantee!

In many occupations the difference between being successful and failing is very small and is made up of a large quantity of personal and external factors. The office of the President of the United States is such an area and success or failure in this office can be measured each day. Another important factor to presidential success is the ability to assemble a strong team. With the recent selection of Sarah Palin governor of Alaska as his running mate, John McCain is well on his way to building a strong and effective team to help lead our country.

I strongly believe that John McCain as President of the United States will be an effective leader and will be highly respected and trusted by all other worldwide leaders. He respects each individual and their viewpoint and message because he knows in order to be an effective leader it’s important to listen to others. The next person we elect to this high office is a direct reflection of the majority of our society in America and the values that are important to each citizen. By electing John McCain to the Presidency you will be saying loud and clear that traits like, honor, courage and commitment are very important to you. That you believe it is important to have a strong leader for our country and someone that is capable to take on the extreme challenges of this high office and be guided by strong values, integrity and relevant long-term executive experience. I ask that you vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin to help improve our country economically and to maintain the United States of America as a respected, safe and secure nation.

Thank you,

Larry Carr