My disappointment with the Republican Party is profound. The party that is supposed to fight for the ideals of liberty, which Capitalism is only a reflection and result of, is at a loss of ideas and the best it can do in relation to the latest onslaught against liberty is to compromise.

De-funding Obamacare without any plan as to how to tackle the ever increasing cost of and accessibility to Health Care will forever label the Republican Party as the party of insensible people detached from the realities of the layperson. Obamacare however is the latest Big Government attempt to lure the people into the idea that a huge central government is in the best interest of the people with the potential of forever changing the idiosyncrasy of this country. It reminds me of those “Big Shots” drug dealers that operate out of our Public Housing Projects here in Puerto Rico and how the buy every day necessary items to the people of the projects so they feel that their presence is to their best interest.

The Democratic Party being a socialist party at heart will never abandon the ideas that call for the government to be a major player in the lives of people and there is no better opportunity to advance this ideology than the “market failure” that Healthcare is to them.  It is for this reason that it is imperative for the Republican Party to fight back this relentless intrusion of the government into the economy and make the case that Capitalism unhindered will better provide universal health care to everybody once the distortions to this market due to government and other bodies actions  is eliminated.

The Republican Party must go beyond just de-funding Obamacare. The Republican Party must have a plan to free and deregulate the whole health industry once and for all. That is the plan that must be pushed forward as an alternative to the massive Obamacare. Only then will the Republican Party have the tools and the right discourse to engage the American public in a frontal attack to the relentless pressure for government growth that the Democratic Party has successfully sold to them.

Democrats will forever scorn at the argument that capitalism can do a better job for Health Care accessibility to the poor than the government and will do so using the same hand held technology so accessible even to the poor and yet so advanced that it was science fiction a mere 20 years ago; a feat that only Capitalism can do.  At once they will point to the present situation where Health Care is so expensive and inaccessible to so many. A perfunctory evaluation of the present system will easily discover the distortion created by government regulation. A more profound evaluation will discover an ever more scandalous state of affairs for this industry.

Lets just take one most visible and obvious example.


Can anyone explain why the need for a Doctor’s note to get a CBC test? Right now, we need to arrange for a doctor’s appointment, wait in his office to be then called and allowed into his chambers  for some cursory questions, measurements and then a doctor”s note for the CBC to be done. Then we get the CBC done, paid by the health plan. Afterwards we have to make another appointment with the doctor so he can read and interpret the CBC results.

This seems normal. However, no one can explain why this is normal. I can donate blood every 2 months. However, I can not arrange for a CBC, which needs much less blood to be drawn, without a doctor’s note. Why? We could easily do away with the first doctor appointment and only arrange one once the CBC results are ready. Millions of dollars in unnecessary visits could be saved.

Some people would object to this idea, but this is only a normal reflex to resist change. If people could perform as many CBCs as they wanted the first thing that would happen is a drop in the cost of performing this test. People would be able to absorb the cost of the test without the need for a health plan. Some would object and say, Why would people perform CBCs whenever they want? After all they cannot interpret it.

They miss the point. Once people can absorb the cost of these test, they will educate themselves to interpret them. After all, reading a CBC is not that onerous as long as you are interested in doing so. Many people in the community at large will become experts at reading this just like many people became experts with computer hardware and software. Programming a computer is much more difficult than interpreting a CBC and many high schoolers are so good at it they have become highly skilled computer hackers.

The access of this kind of information to the lay person has the same potential to be as revolutionary as the access to  computers was. We forget how useless computers were when they first came out and made available to the public and yet it was this accessibility to the lay person that made possible everything that a computer is to us today. We miss the fact that the computer revolution came from the bottom up and not from the top down. It was the lay person, amongst them many entrepreneurs, that made possible the computer revolution.

The relationship between the doctor and his patient would be more even handed. The doctor would become more like a health advisor instead of a know it all that makes decisions for the patient. New programs to automatically read the CBC will spring forward with all kinds of advise and referrals to more tests or a doctor visit. Many people that do not take the time to see a doctor will at least be more inclined to test themselves and read the CBC through all the tools that the market will provide.

There is no good reason for this test, as well as  many others, not to be available to anyone that wants to perform it for his own use. Again, there is nothing onerous in reading these tests as long as the person is interested in taking the time to read and once these test are freely available for the public the market will look for ways for these tests to be interpreted in many differing ways that will be available to everyone including the poor.

We lose sight of how asphyxiating present regulations are and how they do not allow the market to function as it should and yet  accept them as normal state of affairs. Even so, many people are more than happy to jump to the conclusion that the Healthcare System is another example of market failure when in reality is another example of how government coercion stiffens creativity.



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