the freedom as we once knew it

the freedom as we once knew it in America is in danger. The only difference is this danger does not have a danger sign hanging on it to let us know it is dangerous. Many americans sent loved ones to war in Iraq to remove a HUSSEIN from power and I for the life of me can not imagine why these same people would even consider electing another HUSSEIN to the highest power in our great nation. If this happens just wait and see who his cabinet ends up being. The freedom we have now will be a thing of the past. I know a lot of people are voting for Obama just to get their loved ones brought home from Iraq, but if this happens, when in a few years we are back in Iraq and your grandchild is now over there fighting, I want you to think back to the year of 2008 when you voted for a radical to lead your country. And remember this is what you wanted. Any person who is sworn into office in the united states should be proud enough of his country to want to take that oath on the Bible not the Koran. I find that this alone tells me that he is still very much into Musilum beliefs. They live to kill others and to dictate. The Bible speaks of false prophets, well we see him everyday on our T.V’s and see him every day in our newspapers. It is time we stand up as americans and DEMAND answers to our questions. Who, what, where,when and why did you do these things that you Obama did. Another thing I am not hearing in the media is Michelle Obama. Are you as radical as your husband. In past elections the candidates wife was always scrutinized closely and early on Obama said to leave his family alone and magically it was done. I have a great fear of the unknown and my felow americans Obama is an unknown. Spread the word to all who will listen and point out the facts of his short record and leadership abilities. remember Saddam and all other dictators had to start somewhere.