California's SB 172 is the End of Education Accountability that Stretches Generations

Governor Brown of California recently jumped on board the common core train that the federal government has been pushing since 2009.  The Department of Education has a little over $4 billion reserved for state education incentives through the American Recovery and Restoration act that was enacted by the 111th Congress in February of 2009.  But how do states access this money? Through agreeing with the Department of Education by aligning high school exit exams with a federal common core standard.  However, unfortunately for our future generations and future workforce there is an end to education accountability that has been created.

SB 172, once it was signed, cancelled exit exams for high school seniors all together in California until California designs an exit exam that is aligned with the common core goals.  Who/what is there to hold the teachers accountable during this time?  Who/what is there to ensure our students are retaining the knowledge required to be competitive in the workforce or ensuring they have the foundation for college?  SB172 isn’t just affecting the class of 2016 though.  This bill retroactively removes the exam requirement all the way back to 2004.  Students that previously were proven to fail these exams are now given a “free pass.”  This exam free diploma only furthers the entitled generation movement.  It solidifies the, “What does the world owe me” rhetoric.

Rather than California setting its own terms on education, which is its right as a state, they have caved to the federal cash cow that strong arms our states through other than ethical means.  This is only the beginning folks.  We have a decade worth of graduates just in the state of California that have been subjected to the democrats idea of equality and their lack of accountability.  If student #1, 2, 3, 4 pass an exam but student #5 doesn’t, then it must be the exam’s fault in our liberal leader’s eyes.

I would recommend reading some of the senate’s analyses for a deeper look.

Here is a link to the Senate Bill