The First Steps into the Wilderness

November 5th and the world didn’t come to an end, the sun rose (partially) and a statue of Lenin had not been erected outside the gates of my golf community. There is no doubt that last night’s results brought elicited all sorts of emotions, none of them positive, from me and yet, I managed, somehow, to pull myself together and get into work.

So here we are, and after two consecutive rear-end adjustments, the Republican Party has effectively become specatators in the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Magical Hour. Why this happened is no more important than understanding what happens next. Our nation has faced this type of alignment with our government in two periods of history. One, with FDR in the thirties and the other with LBJ in the sixties, and both resulted in the creation of massive government bureaucracies that stand to this day, the New Deal and the Great Society. I have no doubt that a third such expansion of government is sure to follow, lest we be vigilant.

The worry over what may be is for tomorrow. For today, I am dealing with the recriminations, the self-loathing and the sheer wonder as to how so many people can vote against their own self interest.I’m not a politician. I’m a citizen and a conservative who wonders what are the next steps? How do we overcome the throngs of the mob that idly followed an image and with no consideration for the substance?


There, I’ve said it. The Republican Party is in the Wilderness, and I am traipsing along for the ride. Who will lead us out? Where is the Goldwater, Reagan or Gingrich of the current generation? Who will take the tiller and steer the ship out of uncertain waters?


Still, perhaps there is an opportunity here. Maybe this is a chance for us to find the leadership we need. Maybe someone will rise above the ashes and remember what we stand for. Limited government acting under constraint. Low taxes. Strong defense. Free markets. These aren’t bumper sticker quotes or some mantra to cast about idly. They are the cornerstone of a movement that was once great and will be again.

If only we can get out of this self-created exile.