2016 SUMMER Olympics

Chicago lost the 2016 Summer Olympic Games to Rio de Janeiro.  Unless they are going to adjust the dates, the Summer games will occur during Winter in Brazil.  Wikipedia (yeah, I know, not the most authoritative source) says the 2016 games will occur from August 5 through 21.  August in the Southern hemisphere (that’s where Brazil is for you recent public school graduates) is like February in the Northern hemisphere.  This isn’t an EPIC fail, it’s an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL fail.

OK, I checked a little further and it turns out that Rio is fairly tropical.  The lowest recorded temperature is around 40 F with an average for August between 64 F on the low side and 81 F on the high side.  Still, the Summer games will, for the first time ever, be held in South America**, a place where it is officially Winter.  Maybe not a gold medal fail but still a fail.

** I am reminded (thanks c_t!) of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.  Also, there were the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne (which I don’t remember because they were 2 years before I was born).  So, I have revised my post and I now stand corrected (orthopedic shoes).