Bankruptcy judge OKs sale of GM's assets

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So, years of bankruptcy precedent is again turned on its head but that’s not what this post is about.  I’m wondering if anybody else has noticed something about who one of the new owner’s of GM will be:

Besides the U.S. government, the Canadian government and health care trust for the United Auto Workers

What strikes me is this:  If we’re going to have universal health care coverage, why does the UAW need a health care trust?  I mean, the government is going to give us our health care, right?  What sort of health care is the trust going to pay for?  Further, once universal health coverage is established (God forbid), where will all the money that I am assuming is held in the UAW health care trust going to go?  Let’s just say I doubt it will go back to the rank and file assembly line workers.  

Apologies in advance for this being short.  I have a couple of briefs due and I had to get this out of my head so I could concentrate on search and seizure issues.   I’m sure y’all will let me know if you think I’m barking at the moon or seeing black helicopters.