An idea for how to undo this mess

I’m not sure exactly how or even if this would work but it’s rattling around in my brain so I have to share it.

The House Republicans need to band together and introduce legislation to repeal the Mother Of All Pork section by section and line item by line item.  Further, this needs to be done on a regular schedule.  My first thought was to do it weekly but then I had a better idea.  They need to take the number of items to be repealed and divide it into 623, which is the number of days from next Tuesday until Election Day in 2010.  For example, if there are 50 items, a new repeal bill would be introduced approximately every 12 days.  Along with this, they need to introduce bills that will actually do something to fix the economy and/or reduce the size of government, e. g., tax cuts and/or eliminating wasteful programs.  This should be done on an alternating schedule.  Using my example of 50 items from above, the first repealer would drop on 02-17-09 (no sense letting the ink dry) and the first fixer would drop on 02-23-09.  The next repealer would be 6 days after that (adjusting to Friday for Saturday and Monday for Sunday) and the next fixer would be 6 days after that.  I suggest starting with Senator Reid’s pet high speed train followed by reducing the Capital Gains Tax rate, followed by Speaker Pelosi’s pet mouse followed by repealing the Death Tax.

I don’t think there is any way she can prevent members from introducing bills but the first obvious problem is that Princess Pelosi will never allow any of this to be heard in committee much less get to the floor.  I also would not expect MSDNC, Clinton News Network or the New York Times to provide much in the way of coverage.  It seems though that it would not take too long being shut out before that fact becomes part of the story.  Press release videos would need to be shot on the Capitol steps and posted at a new website dedicated to the project.  These could be promoted through talk radio, e-mail and the blogoshpere, which should help bring attention to the effort.  Once the election cycle starts the MSM will have to take notice plus every House Republican will be able to honestly say A) “I tried to stop it” and B) “I tried to fix it” when they are out on the campaign trail.

I know this would be a lot of work at first but once it got rolling it should actually be fun.  Besides, isn’t proposing bills what we pay these folks for?