Desperately seeking... a right wing terrorist...

The socialist left in the US seems to be so desperate for someone from the right to go bolshy and blow something up. How desperate are they? Well you would be hard pressed not to think that Bloomberg and various people in the media are disappointed to hear that the person who planted the large bomb in New York City was a Muslim of Pakistani origin.

Contessa Brewer was actually frustrated by the fact he was an Islamist instead of one of her least favorite groups on the right. Bloomberg went as far as to suggest that it could have been a tea party person upset about the Obamacare. It could have been anyone, but do you really think the people who go to tea parties are potential mass murderers? Where is the evidence for such a specious suggestion?

Then again the other wish of the left and media, that this guy was acting “on his own” seems to be have been dashed as Pakistan has arrested either in connection. Its hard not to wonder if by definition any bomb that does not go off is “amatuerish” and thus does not deserve that much attention.

There are suggestions that it was a dry run, or it it just the guy just screwed up. After all the bombs that were meant to kill even more on the London tube, two weeks after the 7/7 attacks, exploded by merely missed igniting the rest of the bomb.

I think that talk that there are people on the left that was to see us attacked badly is a bit far fetched. It would help if people chose their words more careful and did not make statements that really make you wonder. One would hope that non American would want to see their fellow Americans killed by any terrorist attacks whatever idiocy might have inspired it.