Spoiled for the lack of choice...

My freelance writing gig requires me to concentrate on the drama across the pond in the “too close to call” UK General Election that occurs this Thursday. I find this fortunate as it distracts me from the rather dire primary race for Governor of Maine. Its still a huge field despite various withdrawls and the shortest campaign in history, Heath’s, that lasted 36 hours. There are lots of choices for Republicans, Democrats and Independents. They debate, squabble and trash each other relentlessly. They all want similar things for Maine, yet their platitudes fail to explain how.

Not one of the candidates rises to the level of inspiration for this voter. They all seem to lack both the leadership qualities necessary and the ideas that inspire a vote. Of course, the Republican and Democrat fields will be culled to one after the primaries in early June. Unless one of their many candidates decides to flower in the next month or so, its anyone’s guess who will prevail.

Some of the independents and Republicans have been attempting to court the tea party movement. Well in the case of at least one Republican his courting involves co-opting the tea party name and masking his rallies as tea party events. This has annoyed many in the movement and turned people off his candidacy. Tea party activists have received calls, emails and even IMs from several of the independents begging them for help, support and possible endorsement. Repeated rebuffs due to the non-partisan nature of the movement fails to dissuade requests.

There really is no one running for governor that fully represents the views of the tea party movement, be they Republican, Independent or Democrat. With any luck by 2012 candidates suitable for tea party support will rise out of the mire that is Maine politics.

The three men running for Prime Minister of Great Britain may be a bunch of dunces, but they are more entertaining that the candidates for governor of Maine. Sad for Maine as the state is in dire need of a great leader for the state.