Government Motors to spy on you?

Those wondering if its such a bad thing to have government, in this case the US, run a car company? Well not surprisingly, Autoblog reports that GM is signed up with the idea of having “black boxes” in all cars.

“General Motors has now come out publicly in favor of the proposal. GM has been installing event data recorders in its cars since 1995 as part of the air bag system. In accidents where the airbags are triggered, GM can use the data stored in the EDR for diagnostic purposes to improve the function of its safety systems. The recorders save the last few seconds of data before a crash from a number of sensors. GM is not only supporting the installation of these recorders in all vehicles, but also supports making the data accessible so that accident causes can be more accurately determined.”

Yet, another reason to avoid buying a GM vehicle methinks. Its not just bad enough they went broke and were bailed out by the taxpayer, now they want to spy on your driving. You would think since they are now just another government arm ther opinion on this should be discounted.