Lady Libertas Interviews Liz Carter for Congress - Georgia District Four

Lady Libertas had the pleasure of interviewing Liz Carter for US Congress from Georgia District 4 on Monday.  Liz Carter is an amazing Conservative woman and candidate who will be a strong advocate for her district, Americans and the Constitution when she defeats Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson in November – and Lady Libertas has no doubt that Liz will retake that seat in the revolution to Take America Back in November 2010.

Lady Libertas was introduced to Liz via her Chief of Staff Cheryl Prater (@cprater & @applecrossmedia) and after hearing such wonderful things about Liz – Lady Libertas can confirm that they are all true.

Liz Carter for Congress receives a resounding Lady Libertas Endorsement as THE Conservative Candidate for Georgia District 4.

Allow me to share some of our chat…

Liz Carter is your ordinary, every day Super Woman.  She comes to her campaign with 20 years of business experience, is married to the love of her life, is stepMom to two boys and has thrown her hat into the ring for Georgia District Four.  Liz is a student and lover of history and the daughter of a World War 2 veteran who was a B17 Bombardier.

Her decision to run for Congress came on the road traveling to the Smart Girl Politics Summit last September.  She explains that she and Cheryl were driving and the story was playing on the radio about Rep. Hank Johnson claiming people who disagreed with President Obama were going to be putting on “white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside”.  Liz was so outraged, she turned to Cheryl and said: “That’s it – I’m running”.

Who said there was no benefit to Johnson’s insane comment?  It was how Liz began her journey as a candidate.  She met Michelle Malkin at the Smart Girl Politics Summit and Cheryl introduced her for the first time as a Congressional candidate.  Word spread fairly quickly and she received a call from Fox News the day before Thanksgiving telling her that they were doing a story on how Sarah Palin has inspired more women to run for office and would Liz give them an interview.  A great start to the campaign and a bit of a surprise to some family members who called Liz when she appeared in the interview on Fox News‘ front page.  “It has been non-stop running since then!” Liz says.

Liz’s focus has been on meeting the people of District 4 which includes parts of Dekalb, Rockdale and Gwinnett counties outside of Atlanta.

I am having the time of my life. I have never had so much fun just sitting down and talking to people.  There is so much to learn but I don’t want my learning curve to include not knowing about my district.

We have had a problem in our district with corruption in the counties and with leaders.  There is no community outreadch except during campaign season.  Part of Gwinnett County did not even know who their Rep was or that they had one!  My biggest challenge to date has been reaching out to that sleeper population who have given up or have always voted Democrat.  I want to get them involved and informed and awake!

Due to frustration, District Four has become a swing district.  We need to stand up and take back this seat.  If we can just get out there and get people to the polls, we can win.

I may be in Hank Johnson’s rear view mirror now but come November, he will be in mine!”

Liz’s passion is infectious.  Her passion is not just for District Four in Georgia – it for the entire country and the Constitution and history.

Every seat counts.  People can’t just think about their districts anymore.  My own little part is no longer good enough.  The dynamic has switched.  Lead me to my Constitution – it is no longer being upheld.

I love history and I don’t understand why they are trying to rewrite history.  History is where we come from.  It is about knowledge and inspiration, not political correctness.  They have forgotten how we have gotten here.  I have never seen such foolishness from leaders.

It has been awful to feel we have no representation – no place at the table – no chance to say stop and let’s do this right.  Our leaders have been busy show boating when they need to bring people together.

We do not need fundamental change.

We need empowerment.  Government’s role is to create the infrastructure for success in the private sector.

In Liz’s opinion, healthcare was a primary example of how the people are not being represented.  She disagrees strongly with the “tough, you are going to take it and like it” stance that has been taken.

Healthcare is Enron on a federal level.  They have reported false earnings and it is devastation created for millions.  This is the same Congress that went after Enron and now they are using the same tactics in legislation.

I read the House bill and I read the Senate bill.  I broke it down and we said to Hank Johnson – Don’t do it – Don’t vote for it.

You can’t run a country down into the ground like they have done.  We’re going to fix it.

As a small business owner, Liz understands what it takes to make small businesses successful.  Her frustration with the direction of Congress and the federal government was apparent on many of the issues.  She is one of new breed of candidates that carry common sense as their banner – the issues and problems are apparent to Liz and she is determined to get to DC and change how the goverment is handling some of the most pressing issues for Americans today.

We need to get rid of these attorneys that do not understand small business and corporate America.

Selling treasury bonds is not revenue.  Without revenue coming in, we are in trouble.

It is our kids and their children who will be indentured servants to whomever they have bankrupted us to.  The next generation shouldn’t pay for us – That to me is immoral.  I say to people like Pelosi and Reid: We are destroying any kind of prosperity or opportunity for our kids.

As the daughter of a World War 2 veteran, Liz has a strong stance on the military and national security.  It is no surprise that her greatest influence from history is President Eisenhower.

President Eisenhower was, in my heart, the true leader on Civil Rights and ended segregation.  He was the inspiration for building a super highway in America and creating an infrastructure.  He was a free market and business guy.  He also warned us as he was leaving office about the dangers of prolonged military engagement.

As a cold war kid, Liz believes the threat is real from Russia and that Putin is not our ally.  She disagrees with lowering our nuclear stores at this time.  As well, Liz questions our global debt and the negative impact that it will have on funding our military in the years to come.  Liz also takes issue with how our  Veterans and military are treated.

They spend more time giving rights to terrorists than honoring our military.

We send our men and women to serve and then place restraints to play nice in the sandbox.  We penalize them for bringing in terrorists by taking the complaints of terrorists seriously and penalizing our boys for a bloody nose.

The problem is that our political leaders are the ones who declare war – not the military leaders.  Then we send in our military to clean up the mess created by our political leaders.

Obama asked the General what he needed and it should have been given.  Obama ran on getting our troops out of Iraq and now we are not only still there but new American troops are needed because Iraq’s military is not trained well enough to BE a military force without our presence.

The Democratic leaders then want to quadruple question our military leaders on how they can effectively win.

Liz may be a student of history but she sees the future as well.  Her campaign recently unveiled their IPhone App at a Young Republicans meeting.  The IPhone App gives information on Liz’s campaign with updates on  news, events, photos, videos.  It also allows supporters to volunteer, contribute, and share information with their own friends and followers using Twitter and Facebook.  Liz plans on expanding to other smartphone platforms, all in an effort to use technology to create “true transparency” and reach out to the younger voting block.  She also has plans to maintain these platforms when she is in office to inform people about legislation and votes and to get feedback via polls and surveys.  When asked about her experience with the Young Republicans, Liz said:

It has been fabulous!  I have never felt so welcomed.  As we go into the General Election, they will be a force to be reckoned with.  They are an army Democrats cannot stop.

Lady Libertas could have spent several more hours happily chatting with Liz but she needed to get back to the business of taking back the seat of District Four.  Liz Carter for Congress is a force to be reckoned with as well.  Her intelligence, love of our country and common sense attitude are precisely what the people of America need right now in Congress.  Her only weakness?  Mint chocolate chip ice cream.  That is a weakness we can all live with, I am sure.

Liz Carter is looking ahead to the upcoming months.  The next two big issues in her opinion are Amnesty for illegal immigrants and the threat to Social Security.  Liz’s closing words:

This is the year – 2010 is the year when we sweep the House.  It will be a clear message and a huge reprimand.

My Dad fought for this country and I will too.

Lady Libertas has no doubt that Liz Carter is THE candidate to deal with these issues and more.

Liz jokingly said that although she is only 5’2, when she looks in the mirror, she sees someone who is 6’2.  Lady Libertas concurs – watch that rearview mirror, Hank Johnson – Liz Carter is larger than she appears and has the heart of a warrior and she is coming to take back the seat in District Four!

Please support Liz Carter for US Congress in Georgia District Four!  Check out all the places to find Liz:

Liz Carter’s Main Campaign Website

Donate to Liz Carter

@lisbethcarter on Twitter

Liz on Facebook

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