My interview with Randall Terry at CPAC, now a candidate for POTUS

The controversial anti-abortion activist and founder of Operation Rescue (every time I go to their website my computer locks up, so no linkie, sorry) has announced his candidacy for POTUS. The Republican-turned-Democrat told me at CPAC his reasoning for the change of party was so not to split the Republican vote.

Because he has raised at least $5,000 he will be a “federal” candidate and knows his run against Obama is a long-shot but is taking this on solely in order to be able to place photos of aborted babies in television ads. His campaign slogan is “A Democratic primary for President – to bring Americans face to face with aborted babies.”

He plans to appeal to the Catholics, pro-lifers and Hispanics and because the FCC prohibits censoring ads he hopes to raise enough money to get a wide audience.

Terry has a Masters Degree in terrorism and stated to me:

The US has a suicidal foreign policy. We have to start drilling in ANWAR and to be able to stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia, because $50 million a year goes to Al Qaeda.

We touched briefly on other issues. He believes in the limited power of the presidency, the debt ceiling should not be raised and it is ludicrous to propose only a $32 billion reduction in spending which is only 1 1/2% of the deficit. He’s also opposed 100% to socialized medicine, believes Obamacare should be repealed and all entitlements, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid should be phased out.

Terry is opposed to homosexual marriage, believes in right-to-work, is not opposed to unions and the government should be kept out of the internet. He also believes the notion of a high-speed rail system is absurd and would be a boondoggle. He also stated the US should be pulling out of Afghanistan and using only Delta Forces when necessary to take out Al Qaeda and their supporters.

I’m sure there will be some interesting comments, so let ’em fly.

You can find Terry’s website here.

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